"My skin is glowing." 7 women test Alpha-H’s new Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum.

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It's always an exciting day when there's a new beauty product in town.

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum (RRP $129) is the newest addition to Alpha-H’s cult favourite Liquid Gold collection.

This industry-first formulation combines Glycolic Acid and Granactive Retinoid, and is designed to reboot tired or dull skin while you sleep. YES PLEASE.

The beauty community has long regarded Glycolic Acid and Retinoids as powerful skin-revitalising ingredients that wouldn't necessarily work together in the same formula, until now.

After years in making, Alpha-H has come up with the ultimate acid alliance in this stable, yet active solution that delivers powerful results.

So what does the serum do? The 14 per cent Glycolic Acid accelerates the removal of accumulated dead skin build-up, and with the pathway completely clear, the 1 percent Granactive Retinoid works its way below the skin’s surface to create smoother skin texture and tone. It's a process that mimics the performance of prescription Retinoids without the downtime and irritation.

In order to get to know this new kid on the beauty block, we asked Mamamia’s You Beauty Panel to be some of the first Aussie beauty lovers to try the new Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum and give us their honest thoughts.


Roya, 30

Roya said she put the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum on before bed twice a week and followed it up with her regular nighttime moisturiser. 

At first, the product felt a little tingly on her bare skin, but in a good way, so she felt like it was really working. Roya found the serum easy to apply and her skin felt tighter, brighter and less congested in the mornings when she woke up. 

"My skin always looks smooth and glowy the morning after I use this," Roya said. "It really helped with the brightening and congestion in my skin."

As a tip, Roya suggested applying the serum to a cleansed face and letting it sink in for a few minutes before locking it in with moisturiser.

"This fits well into my routine," Roya said. "It was my favourite product I’ve tested to date."

Stefanie, 31

Stefanie was already a staunch believer in Alpha-H's products after having her face "transformed" by using the brand's Liquid Gold product, so she had high expectations.

She said she loved applying the thick, tingly serum at a night and that her face felt very supple in the morning. 

"I don’t usually use a serum but this serum slotted into my nightly routine seamlessly," Stephanie said. "That said, every third night I would sub out my serum/moisturiser/oil combo for Liquid Gold.

"It’s thick and tingly for the first 30 minutes then it calms down," she continued. "I’ve been using it for a week now and I am beginning to see the results. My face is more supple and I'm finding that my make-up is applied more easily now."

Stefanie is enjoying the serum so far. Image: Supplied.  


Tessa, 38

Tessa said the Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum has faded her pigmentation from pregnancy, and that her skin now feels much firmer.

"The serum has a thick consistency and a clove-like fragrance, which smells nice," she said. "I started to notice results after four nights of using it.

"My pigmentation spots from pregnancy have started to fade and I am hopeful with continued use that it will continue to fade my pigmentation. 

"I would recommend waiting a few minutes between cleansing and using this serum as it can sting a little if you don't. 

"I have sensitive skin and I did not have any reactions to this product so I would say it is suitable for sensitive skin."

Peita, 42

Pieta said that each night after she'd cleansed and before she went to bed, she would apply the serum to her face and neck.

"I love the applicator, I found it easy to use, and it allowed just enough serum to dispense," she said. "I am actually really impressed with the results in a short amount of time, my skin definitely feels better around the eyes and forehead. Overall, my skin just feels brighter and smoother.

"I would say that you should allow the serum to absorb before putting your head down on the pillow."

Gemma, 29

Gemma said she has started using the serum twice a week during her nighttime regime, applying it straight after cleansing.

"It feels very luxurious and hydrating so I don't need to apply any other serums or oils after I use it," she said. "I'm finding that my skin is looking more glowy after each application. 

"I regularly use Liquid Gold as a chemical exfoliant and I love the texture of my skin after that. I think this product is ideal for anyone wanting to ease into a retinol/chemical exfoliant in a very luxurious way."

Clare, 34

Clare recommends the serum for anyone who wants some more active ingredients in their skincare routine. Especially anyone with post-pregnancy, cystic acne or pigmentation issues.


"I think the product is making my skin bright and glowy," she said. "It's also really helping to correct my pigmentation so, I’m definitely going to keep using it.

"I just apply a few drops to my forehead and jaw and then rub it all in."

"The product is making my skin bright, glowy and is really helping correct my pigmentation." Image: Supplied.  

Nicolette, 39

Nicolette said that her skin can be quite dry so when it comes to serums she sometimes needs to use more than the recommended amount, but that wasn't the case with Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum. Four to five drops easily worked for her face and neck.

"The biggest thing I've noticed over a week of using this product is how my skin feels - I've seen a slight improvement in my skin's appearance over the week, but my gosh it feels amazing," she said. "I'm surprised I haven't broken out as I can't stop touching my face, my skin hasn't felt like this since the last time I had a professional treatment. 

"I haven't felt like I needed a foundation at all while using this product and I hope that you'll be able to see a greater impact with continued use.

"Also, I was so surprised at how gentle this felt on my skin, given the ingredients. I expected some harshness, but I only experienced a slight tingling on day eight."


"I haven't felt like I needed a foundation at all while using this product," said Nicolette. Image: Supplied.  

Want to try for yourself? Check out Alpha-H's Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum right here.

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