The final remnants of the All Girls Alliance on Survivor have just been shattered.


The All Girls Alliance of Flick, Brooke and El played a huge part on this season of Australian Survivor, but tonight, the remnants of the goodwill between its remaining members was shattered.

In a tense confrontation on the beach, Flick revealed to El that she had “no choice” but to vote her off the island tonight, after El’s longtime partner in the game, Lee, won immunity.

Flick clearly believed she was doing the right thing by coming clean with El, playing on the close friendship the two have had throughout the last 50 days on the island.

Instead, the move backfired spectacularly.

Flick and El.

El was outraged that Flick planned to get rid of her, insisting to Flick's new alliance member Kristie that Flick couldn't be trusted.

"Flick is a liar," El told Kristie. "I know you can't trust her. I thought we were friends. Until just then. And I feel horrible."

"They're villains, man, I tell you."

To Flick, El made it clear that whatever friendship they'd once had was gone.

"Our whole friendship feels like it's been faked," she told Flick.

At tribal council, El voted Flick out, writing her name as "FLI(P)CK".

"Your first flip was good," she said, referring to Flick's turning on Brooke, "but your second one was rubbish."

At one point, the pair were so close with fellow player Brooke that the group were calling all the shots, and were accused by audiences of being "bitchy" and "cliquey".

Tonight, El defended her own behaviour on the show, saying, "I've made promises but I've always kept my alliances."