Schoolkids are being targeted by "allergy bullies", and the results could be deadly.

Children with food allergies are falling victim to a terrifying new form of bullying putting some at risk of deadly anaphylactic shock.

Australian researchers discovered children with allergies are more likely to be targeted by their peers and some are even having the thing they are allergic to used to hurt them.

“Some of the things include things as scary as being forced to eat the food they’re allergic to, or people tricking them into eating food,” Mr Andrew Fong from The University of New South Wales explained to 7 News.

Mr Fong co-authored a report, published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Healthwhich investigated the link between allergies and bullying and stated some global studies have found up to 30% of children and adolescents have been bullied solely because of their issues with food.

A child having an allergic reaction. Source: 7 News

In Australia, kids have reported having their skin splashed with milk, having peanuts or peanut butter hidden in their sandwiches and some say they've even been dared to eat a handful of nuts, Mr Fong said.

"They can be separated from their peers at schools, and they may not be invited to parties.

"[They're] kicked, teased, and bullying through social media as well."

As many as one in 12 Australian children have food allergies, most commonly to peanuts, tree nuts, milk and eggs.

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According to the report, one of the key reasons for the attacks is children becoming jealous of "special treatment" and stigmatisation of EpiPens.

"That could be dangerous - this is their life-saving medication," Mr Fong said.

Feature image: 7 News