Run, don't walk: Allen's is bringing back your favourite childhood lollies today.

It’s time to stop what you’re doing and give up on adding nostalgia filters to your Instagram photos because the past is making a triumphant return.

That’s right, friends, Allen’s is bringing back some of their all-time greatest lolly hits – including those currently out of production – and creating a new range of sweets for a Sydney pop-up store set to hit Sydney from today.

Yep, you read that right. Spearmint Leaves and Green Frogs are finally making a comeback after being retired in mid-2015.

It's lolly time. Source: Facebook.

When it comes to new creations, think four different flavours of the iconic funny teeth (risp apple-mint, fruity berry-mint, summery pineapple-mint or the original vanilla-mint); an Aussie Mix made up of boomerangs, kangaroos, koalas, Aussie maps and the Harbour Bridge; Choc & Creams (a twist on the classic Strawberries & Creams), and choc-coated bananas and raspberries to name but a few.

Allen's says the "ultimate corner store" pop-up, which is located on Level 2 of the CBD's Westfield Sydney, will allow shoppers to relive the Pick'n'Mix glory days of their childhood and create bespoke lolly jars just in time for the festive (read: acceptable period of weight gain) season.

Oh, yeah. The band's getting back together. Source: Facebook.

“Lolly-lovers can personalise their very own labels, build their dream Allen's lolly combo or indulge in amazing one-off limited edition lollies only available at the Sydney Westfield pop-up,”Nestlé’s head of confectionery, Martin Brown said following the announcement last week.

"With 125 years in confectionery, we know that listening is the key to creating lollies the nation loves," Brown continued. "We can’t wait to see Sydney’s creations at the Allen's Lolly Bar and to spread some sweet smiles this Christmas."

Did someone say impending sugar high?

The Allen's Lollies Pop-Up shop will be open from 29 November to 24 December. Find out more here.

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