Allen's Lollies is selling out of an old Christmas favourite and The People are not happy.

It’s safe to say the staff over at Allen’s Lollies new pop up store are completely snowed under with hundreds of people reportedly queuing to stock up on the sought after confectioneries before Christmas Day.

Earlier this week lolly lovers rejoiced at the news much-loved sweets, including Spearmint Leaves and Green Frogs, would be coming out of retirement for sale this holiday season, alongside a number of limited edition new additions to the Allen’s range.

But things are quickly turning sour over at the short-term stand in Westfield Sydney with the long-missed frogs apparently hopping off shelves like mad.

Our popup LOLLY BAR is now open in Westfield Sydney! You can personalise your very own lolly jar. Exciting! ????

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While conventional wisdom states that red frogs are arguably the better frog, it seems the green frog fanatics are furious they can’t get their hands of their amphibians of choice.

Poor Mitchell Quercigrossi wanted to bulk buy a jar full for his mother’s birthday, only to discover the store had run out a SECOND time already.

Meanwhile Cherie Cooney was told the number of frogs she was allowed to purchase was limited pending "Lolly of the Day" status...

A condition money-conscious Reannon Moussa found particularly distasteful.

Alongside the purportedly "inflated prices", others on the page complained about a lack of staff and a single cash register.

Always sweet, the Allen's social media manager responded thoughtfully to a number of the posts, telling ol' Mich they'd be sure give him a frog update before opening hours and apologising to Ben for failing to anticipate the "absolutely huge" customer response they've had.

Allen's sent Mamamia their assurances the team are working around the clock to make sure there's plenty of Spearmint Leaves and Green Frogs this Christmas:

Who knew? When we deleted Green Frogs and Spearmint Leaves in late 2014 on the back of a long slow decline in sales, we never imagined that bringing them back for a return run would be so popular. Demand for Green Frogs and Spearmint Leaves has gone way beyond our expectations - in just three days, the Allen’s Pop Up store has sold out of both Allen’s Spearmint Leaves and Allen’s Green Frogs, with people telling us they have come from as far as Canberra to get them to send to friends around Australia. Our factory in Broadford, just outside of Melbourne, is working around the clock to produce more of both and we’ll be letting everyone know as soon as they are back in stock at the Allen’s Pop Up store.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the love for them. So watch this space!

Lucky, because if the shortage does continue over the next few weeks more customers will likely be seeing red — as in they'll be buying red frogs, obviously.

The Allen's Lollies Pop-Up shop will be open from 29 November to 24 December. Find out more here.

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