Where are they now? The cast of the Aussie TV series All Saints.

If you fell sick or became injured in the early 2000s, there’s only one place you’d want to go.

All Saints hospital.

It was possibly the most dramatic TV hospital in the history of dramatic TV hospitals.

Terri Sullivan left the convent and fell in love with a married man… and then he died.

There were plenty of love triangles. Everyone ended up dying or moving to the country. There was never a dull moment on Ward 17.

It was bloody good viewing.

It’s been almost 10 years since the last episode of All Saints aired. Here’s what the stars have been up to since:

Georgie Parker as Terri Sullivan

all saints cast
Georgie as Terri and now. Image: Instagram.

From 1998 to 2005, Georgie played the role of Sister Theresa "Terri" Sullivan on All Saints.

Terri had connected her co-worker, Mitch Stevens, years earlier. But she was a nun and by the time she'd left the church, Mitch was already with someone else.

Fans of the show desperately wanted the pair to get together which they eventually did, but their story did not have a happy ending.

After leaving All Saints, Georgie went on to star in a bunch of Australian TV shows and movies including Home and Away, Emerald Falls and Scorched.

Erik Thomson as Mitch Stevens

all saints cast
Erik as Mitch and in 2016. Image: Getty.

Dr Mitch Stevens was determined to save as many lives as he could because he wasn't able to save his sister Lucy when they were just kids.

He would later have a daughter with his wife Rose, who they named Lucy in her memory.

As medical registrar Mitch Stevens and nurse Terri Sullivan, Erik Thomson and Georgie Parker shared one of Australian TV's great love stories.

They finally got together after years of will they/won't they only for Mitch to die of a brain tumour just days after they married.

Since leaving All Saints, Erik has starred in a bunch of our fav TV shows including Always Greener, Packed to the Rafters and 800 Words.

Judith McGarth as Von Ryan

all saints cast
Judith as Von and in 2007. Image: Getty.

Judith McGrath played Yvonne "Von" Ryan in All Saints, the series longest-running character.

Von was often the calm voice of reason on the ward and she often called out the young staff members for their bad behaviour. Von was particularly close with Terri and she supported her after Mitch's death.

In one particularly heartbreaking episode, Von told her colleagues she had been raped while she working in Vietnam.

After All Saints, Judith starred in Scone Wars and Winners and Losers.

On October 20, 2017, Judith died from lung cancer. She was 70 years old.

Libby Tanner as Bronwyn Craig

all saints cast
Libby as Bronwyn and now. Image: Instagram.

Libby Tanner played nurse turned paramedic Bronwyn Craig in the series.

Bron ends up getting together with fellow paramedic Ben after his wife dies. After some rough patches, the pair become engaged, leave All Saints and move to the country.

After leaving All Saints, Libby has starred in Fireflies, headLand, Rescue: Special Ops and Wentworth.

Wil Traval as Jack Quade

all saints cast
Wil Traval as Jack and now. Image: Instagram.

Wil starred as Dr Jack Quade in the long-running hospital drama. Dr Jack was one of the youngest doctors on the series, and he often clashed with the older staff members.

Since leaving All Saints, Wil has starred in a bunch of international TV shows including Jessica Jones, Arrow, Grimm and Chicago PD.

Mark Priestly as Dan Goldman

all saints cast
Mark with his co-star Jolene. Image: Channel Seven.

Mark played lovable nurse Dan Goldman in the series. Dan dated and later married his co-worker Erica Templeton.

Sadly in 2008, Mark died by suicide.

His death had a huge impact on his co-stars, especially Jolene Anderson and Wil Traval.

Jolene Anderson as Erica Templeton

all saints cast
Jolene as Erica and now. Image: Instagram.

Erica was a nurse in the emergency department. She fell in love with and later married her co-worker Dan Goldman.

Towards the end of the series, after Dan died, Erica was murdered.

After leaving All Saints, Jolene has starred in Rush and Home and Away

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