Alisa from 'The Block' shares beautiful real life breastfeeding photo.

Alisa Fraser, one half of the dynamic sister duo, Alisa and Lysandra from The Block gave birth to a baby boy just a few days ago. Calling her second bub Dash Edward, we can already tell he’s going to be a stylish little one (I mean, check out that name).

Life really couldn’t get any better right now! So grateful ??? #6daysold #ontopoftheworld

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Stylish or not though, he’s still a newborn doing the regular newborn things like waking at 5am for a feed.

The second time mum posted a picture of herself breastfeeding to Facebook, comparing herself to the likes of Miranda Kerr.

See for yourself.

In good taste, Alisa has captioned the photo, "Totes nailed the Miranda!!! ?#?kinda? ?#?notreally? ?#?oknotatall? ?#?keepingitreal ??#?whoswithme?"

We're with you, girl.

Alisa and her husband are already mum and dad to a four-year-old son named Nate.

Thanks for keeping it real, Alisa.

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