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Wedding news for everyone's favourite rejected Bachelor season 1 star.

On a day when love is dead (RIP Bennifer) this keeps us going.

She was our favourite contestant on Season One of The Bachelor for her ability to sink knee-deep in love for a man who was dating a million other girls, and now – finally – Ali Oetjen is getting the happy ending that Anna Heinrich stole from her.

In case you can only remember back to last year’s Blake-and-Sam mess, Ali was a contestant on Tim Robards’ season. We watched week after week as 29-year-old Ali fell more in love with Tim. We were certain they would wed and live happily ever after. But after she broke her leg trying to profess her love for him, he realised the crazy and she was gone.

Here’s Ali and Tim in happier times.

If this picture still didn’t refresh your memory, here’s a video of Tim and Ali sharing a smooch. Adorable. Post continues after video.

Video via TenPlay

Ali’s been relatively quiet in the two years since her Bachie heartbreak, but she’s back. And she’s got a massive rock on her formerly rejected finger.

Ali’s boyfriend-turned-fiance, 29-year-old David Waldeck, proposed to her in a tiny German village while they were romantically holidaying recently. How do we know this? Instagram.

“We’re engaged! When two souls are meant to be together nothing gets in the way of their love for each other, it’s already decided,” she captioned the photo, still a big believer in #truelove.

“My best friend, lover and my most favourite person in the whole wide world asked me to marry him when we were in the small German town of Waldeck in his castle, Waldeck Castle. I feel like a princess with my prince in a fairytale! I’m so happy, it couldn’t be more perfect! He’s the most handsome, genuine, caring, generous, intelligent, motivated, funny man I will ever know & I am the luckiest girl.”

Oh, Ali. We’re sad you won’t be our next Bachelorette, but we’re so, so happy for you.

We bet you cried this hard when he proposed.

Ali being rejected on The Bachelor. #NeverForget.

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