Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Ali Oetjen’s ex is selling her engagement ring on Gumtree and it’s… cheapish.


It seems Ali Oetjen’s ex is selling her engagement ring on Gumtree…

And no, we’re not talking about Grant Kemp this time.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the Bachelorette’s ex fiance Dave Waldeck is attempting to sell the custom-made 3.56 carat sapphire and diamond ring online.

But although Dave originally bought the ring for $19,150, he’s reportedly only asking for $12,400 for it.

Ali and her ex-partner are rumoured to have split in 2017, shortly before Ali appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, after three-and-a-half years together.

Speaking to The West Australian at the time, Ali described the split as “extremely tough” but “a long time coming”.

Dave proposed to Ali in December 2015 in front of family and friends at an Adelaide pub.

2. Um. There’s a very unfortunate typo in this Julia Roberts’ newspaper article.


Again, we find ourselves wondering whether it’s possible to die from second-hand embarrassment. How do we keep ending up here?


Oh, that’s right extremely unfortunate typos.

This time, it’s at the hands of a local paper in New York called The Post-Journal of Jamestown. They published a lovely feature article on Julia Roberts, discussing how her career has changed as she’s grown older.

Only, the headline features a bloody shocker of a typo.

“Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her Holes Get Better With Age,” it read.

Her holes get better with age.

Just let that sink in.

Of course, it was supposed to read her ‘roles get better with age’, and despite a correction being printed a day later, photos of the blunder have been flying around the Twitterverse, because of course they have.


In the story, the 51-year-old discusses how age has opened doors to more complex roles, unlike the rom-coms such as Pretty Woman and Notting Hill for which she is best known.


“You know, I’m happy and I have fun at home, so it would take a lot for someone to say: ‘Look, you can play this part where you’re happy and have fun.’ Well, I just do that at home,” she said in the interview.

...We hope "having fun at home" translates to laughing at hilarious typos in relation to her life and career.

3. Oh goodness. Kendall Jenner just showed her whole butt in front of royalty.

The glitterati flocked to The Fashion Awards in London yesterday, one of the British fashion industry's annual night of nights.

All our faves were there - from Victoria and David Beckham, to Rita Ora, Alexa Chung, Winnie Harlow and our very own Adut Akech.

Who else showed up? None other than Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, of course.

Oh, and Kendall Jenner - with her bum on show.

Yes, Meghan Markle's baby bump and Kendell Jenner's almost-bare bum were in the same room together.

The model rocked a floor-length gold sequined gown, which was quite sheer (and very fierce).

The look was a throwback to her naked Met Gala dress. Image: Getty.
It was a lil cheeky. Image: Getty.

BUT a source of deeper controversy than Kendell Jenner's bum was spied later on.

And we are shook.

The Duchess of Sussex wore black nail polish, despite the Queen famously despising coloured nails.


Oh Meghan. You rulebreaker you. (We love it, please don't stop).

Here she is looking ravishing, with her forbidden nails on display. Image: Getty.

4. Ellen Pompeo on her relationship with former Grey’s Anatomy co-star Patrick Dempsey.

When Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo shattered one of the longest-running love stories on television, many sniffles were had.


We are, of course, talking about the Grey's Anatomy romance between Dr Meredith Grey and Dr Derek 'McDreamy' Shepherd, which was painfully cut short when Dempsey's character was killed off during the Season 11 finale in 2015.

Now speaking to Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris on Red Table Talk, Pompeo has shared that the two actors haven't been in contact since Dempsey made his departure three years ago.

Despite this, there's no love lost between the two.

"I have no hard feelings toward him, he's a wonderful actor, and we made, you know, the best TV you could make together," she said.

"That's a talented man right there. He did 11 amazing years."


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"Typically when people leave the show, they need to sort of re-find themselves, who they are, without the show, because the show takes up so much of your life," Pompeo says. "You need that time to figure out who you are without the show. So, we have not spoken but I will always have a place in my heart for Patrick."

So, while Meredith and Derek will never have their happily ever after - on the account of McDreamy dying (THANKS FOR NOTHING PATRICK) - it's nice to see the actors are still on somewhat good terms.


Now when are we getting that cast reunion?

5. Cass Thorburn denies controversial quotes about ex Karl Stefanovic's wedding.

In the wake of reports that Cassandra Thorburn made a number of comments about her ex-husband Karl Stefanovic's wedding, the author has appeared on Studio 10 to vehemently deny she gave the quotes.

On Tuesday morning, Thorburn told the panel, "After two-and-a-half years, I’m not a news story. I’m just a mother who’s divorced from my ex-husband, and I’m trying to find my place back in the world.

"I’m not a news story. I’m just a mother who’s divorced from my ex-husband, and I’m trying to find my place back in the world." Image: Getty.

"This constant harassment, every time my ex-husband’s in the news — which is often — they then come looking for me, my children, my mother.

"It’s not OK, and I don’t think as a society we should be accepting it."

On Monday evening, it was reported that after arriving in Sydney from a trip to Melbourne, Thorburn told New Idea what she really thought of her ex-husband's lavish Mexican nuptials.

"He’s thrown three weddings for goodness sake. Who needs three weddings in a year? Give us a break," Cass was quoted as saying.

You can read the full story here.

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