Alfalfa from Little Rascals is 30 years old, and we bet you wouldn't recognise him one bit.

Last year, the movie Little Rascals celebrated its 20th anniversary since it took over cinemas in 1994. Yes, I will give you a minute to feel old.

Now, the main character, Alfalfa, real name, Brandon “Bug” Hall, has been found on social media by Buzzfeed, and wow does he look different.

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First, let me remind you what he looked like in the hit film (because, you know, it’s been a while).

The Little Rascals cast. Image via IMDB.

More specifically, he is this guy:

Alfalfa. Image via IMDB.
Alfalfa. Image via IMDB.

Best known for his cute but quirky look. And the hair. Who could forget the hair!

And now, this is what Hall looks like now (at 30 years old).

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The beard is a recent addition. It was just last year that Hall appeared to recreate the movie poster - and he was sans beard.

Hall married his wife Porchia Stewart in 2012.

Check out Hall singing "You are so Beautiful" from Little Rascals recently. 

What was your favourite 90s movie?