Why this underwear campaign is the most important thing you'll see today.

International Women’s Day is here. And these women have a message for you – on their undies.

A third of the world’s women have been subject to physical or sexual violence. Realistically, that number is probably higher, given the reluctance of women to report these crimes.

AleXsandro Palombo, a contemporary artist and activist, is known for his subversive art pieces including depicting Disney princesses with disabilities and as survivors of domestic violence.

This year, Palombo has launched a social campaign highlighting the unacceptable rates of violence against women, by enouraging women to express themselves on their underwear.

These women have written as a powerful protest against machismo and brutality.

They are writing for themselves, and others just like them, all across the world.

Click through our gallery to see the campaign.

These images have been republished from Alexsandro Palombo with full permission. You can find him on twitter at @PalomboArtist.

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