Alexa Chung gets real honest about 'fake' social media life.

She’s a TV presenter, model and contributing editor at British Vogue – yeah she’s made it. And if you look at her social media account Alexa Chung lives the high-life out of work hours too at many soirées and fancy events – yeah we get jealous.

But what we forget is that her social media is just a reflection of a tiny part of her life, the part of her life that she wants to (and probably has to) show off. It’s the glamorous life that we get to see – not the part behind closed doors.

You don't see everything on Instagram. Image via @chungalexa instagram.

From her Instagram photos we're also led to believe that Chung has gorgeous famous boyfriends and is always hanging out with other famous models at lavish events. She has even been snapped in a private jet, living the high life - or so we thought.

The 31-year-old spoke to The Telegraph and said, “Wait. When am I getting on a private jet? What?”

When interviewer, Kate Finnigan tells Chung about the picture posted on her Instagram account, the British model is quick to defend herself.

“Once! Once! Private jets…” she says.

The celebrity doesn't deny that she has a very fortunate life. But it's not as glamorous as it all looks through the social media lens.

She's beautiful. Image via @chungalexa Instagram.

“Yes, I am lucky. I know I am. Every time I call my mum, she’s always like, 'Remember how lucky you are, Alexa!’ But the thing is, I live in the East Village and my apartment is nothing crazy. The night-time invitations are fancy-pants, but I’m like Cinderella and at the end of the night I have lost a shoe and I am going home in a pumpkin," she tell the UK publication.

The starlett goes on to say that no one is as happy as they seem on social media. She admits that Instagram would be pretty awful if it showed our reality.

"[It'd be] - here are my spaghetti hoops and me crying over EastEnders," she told the Telegraph.

Maybe closer to this. Image via @chungalexa Instagram.

On social media Chung seems to have the most glamorous of lives. And while we most definitely wouldn't complain about having her life, it's nice to know that it's not all frocks, rock stars and fabulous parties.

Like everyone in our overly saturated social media world - what we portray to people is only a tiny snippet of our lives. And it's a heavily edited, glorified snippet of what is really going on behind the scenes.

How much of your 'real' life do you put up on social media?

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