The Bachelor's Richie Strahan has finally met Alex Nation's son Elijah.

For months pressure has been mounting on The Bachelor‘s latest couple, Alex Nation and Richie Strahan, to take the next step in their relationship.

No, it’s not moving in together or even marriage (although, if you read some tabloids that’s all on the cards).

We’re talking, of course, about Richie meeting Alex’s five-year-old boy, Elijah.

Even during the airing of The Bachelor, fans started asking the question when Alex didn’t arrange for Richie to meet Elijah during the hometowns. The move was quite different from Season Three’s Snezana Markoski, who decided to introduce her daughter, Eve, to Sam Wood.

After the finale aired,  25-year-old Alex told Mamamia she didn’t see the need to “rush” into the two meeting.

“I don’t think there is any reason to rush into something like that. Even though the show has finished and ended, that relationship would only be starting out in the ‘real world’,” she said.

Scroll through to see some uber-cute photos of Alex with her adorable son. (Post continues after gallery.)

“There’s definitely no rush to introduce them. It’s about us being together and laying those foundations first.”

Now, months later, Richie has confirmed he has met Elijah face-to-face, to the Herald Sun.

“I met Elijah a little while ago,” he said.

“It was great.”

The event certainly wasn’t a chance meeting; it was organised during one of Richie’s trips to Melbourne to see Alex.

The Herald Sun said a photographer was there to capture the moment, with the images being sold to a celebrity magazine. Which publication and when the images will emerge is not yet known, or confirmed.

Richie and Alex weren’t the only ones in love on The Bachelor. In fact, two other contestants have found one another. (Post continues after audio.)

Although this was the first time Elijah and Richie met in-person, they first chatted on FaceTime just over a month ago.

Talking to TV Week, Alex said it was a beautiful moment to see the men in her life (kind of) together.

“But they have done FaceTime, which was super cute. I swear to God my ovaries exploded, it was cute!”

Richie said the first talk was a 10/10 experience, and he wasn’t nervous at all.