Alex Nation has shared another photo of her teenage pregnancy, and we hardly recognise her.

Here I am,” Alex Nation’s latest Instagram post begins.

“18, a brace face, pregnant, nervous, a little unsure, excited, scared (petrified) but empowered.”

Alongside the raw and honest caption is an image of a teenager in a pink boob tube – her hand resting on her burgeoning stomach, her belly button threatening to pop.

Despite looking like a completely different person, the teenager is Alex. The photo, taken some seven years ago, captures the “challenging” feelings she grappled while pregnant with her little boy Elijah.


While “trying to find [her] feet in this big wide world,” at such a tender age was incomparably difficult, the 25-year-old writes that motherhood presents a similar journey to all women, regardless of age.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are 17, 19, 23, 34 or even 44 being a mother is the most challenging yet the most rewarding thing you will ever do.

“It is the biggest most important job as a woman your body will ever do,” she continued. “Like… we carry life and bring life into this world. That is (scuse the french) f*cking amazing!”

Speaking to the Daily Mail yesterday, the former Bachelor contestant explained that judgement of her becoming a young mum came from all corners.

“I had women go up to my mum when we were in the supermarket, and they would be like, ‘Oh that is a real shame’,” she tells the publication.

“And my mum would be like, ‘No she is fine’.”

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People also doubted her ability to make something of herself with a child entering her orbit at such a young age.

“I found that people who I would catch up with every now and then were saying, ‘She is throwing her life away, she won’t amount to anything’.”

The state of the reality star’s relationship with her ex-husband has been widely speculated since she was thrust into the public eye, but Alex says there is no animosity between them, adding that they “co-parent beautifully together”.