The Bachelor's Alex Nation kind of spoke about dating a woman without actually mentioning it.

Alex Nation has finally broken her silence about her new relationship with AFL team mate Maegan Luxa, well, kind of.

Last week New Idea reported that Nation had broken up with Richie Strahan, who she met on the last season of The Bachelor, and had found love with Luxa.

On her 88.3 Southern FM radio show, 26-year-old Nation kind of spoke about her new relationship without, erm, actually explicitly mentioning it.

Speaking about the same-sex marriage plebiscite she said “people can’t help who they connect with”.

“We should celebrate love between people whether it is male, male and female or women and female,” Alex said.

“I think if you have a connection with someone you can’t – people can’t help who they connect with … that should be all that matters.”

Nation said joining her AFL football team at the start of the year opened her eyes to the world of same-sex relationships.

“Before being in a football club I didn’t have any friends that were in relationships with women, I’d never experienced that,” she said.


“Obviously I had seen it down the street and everything like that but I’d never experienced it first hand with my own friends.”

Nation says she now has many friends who are in same sex relationships and it’s opened her eyes up to the struggles same-sex couples face.

“At the same time you see the two of them together and they are exactly the same as you would be [in a heterosexual relationship],” she said.

Although Nation didn’t directly refer to her relationship with Luxa, she said she was “close to everyone” at her football club.

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