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1. Alex Nation explains those photos of her ‘kissing’ a ‘mystery man’

The Bachelor alum Alex Nation just can’t catch a break.

A little over a month after being snapped kissing her AFL teammate and rumoured girlfriend Maegan Luxa, the mum-of-one has now been dragged into the spotlight after Woman’s Day published photos of her kissing a ‘mystery man’. (A peck. It was a peck.)


If you haven’t heard, men and women seen in the same vicinity cannot be friends. It’s scientifically impossible. Men and women are OPPOSITES and therefore ALWAYS ATTRACT. #likemagnets #science #truth #fact

But can everyone please relax? The 26-year-old has addressed the latest relationship rumours on Instagram, like all good reality TV personalities tend to do.

“It seems I can’t be seen with either a man or woman without it being rumoured that I’m in a relationship with them,” she told her 104,000 followers.

On Monday, Alex spoke to Daily Mail Australia about the pap photos in question, sharing, “that man is Jordan Price, he’s one of my best friends and he’s actually gay.”

Ah. We guess that puts this gossip story to rest, then.

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2. Behold: Zoe Foster Blake just bought Christmas-themed Gucci trainers worth $1000

$1000? On sneakers?

Okay… we kind of get it when there’s this much glitter involved.

Author and entrepreneur Zoë Foster Blake took to Instagram on Tuesday to joke about her new Gucci trainers.

The Wrong Girl author shared a photo of her new Christmas-themed footwear, which reportedly retail for more than $1000 with the caption: ‘I like my trainers understated.’

So... much... glitter. (Image: Zoe Foster Blake/Instagram)

Totally over-the-top... but also totally cool.  And if you can afford them, why the bloody hell not?


Go forth and glitter, Zoe. Go forth and glitter.

3. Australian-Sudanese model Duckie Thot explains her move across the world: 'Aussie brands don't book black models'

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As Aussies, we can be proud of many things. (Vegemite, pavlova, the Hemsworths...) But there's one fact that's come to light from Australian-Sudanese model Duckie Thot that has us downright ashamed.

Thot, who in less than a year has taken the fashion world by the balls, has told the PAPER magazine that she had to leave Australia in order for her career to flourish.

In the interview, she described Australia as a country that "doesn't promote black models".


"I didn't understand why, but I wasn't getting any work," she shared with the magazine.

"It was kind of like a mindf**k all in itself anyways, so I didn't really get how far I was going to go with it.

"I just thought -- why am I here? So I was just like, 'Let me make the executive decision to move to New York'. I'm not getting my coins in Australia."

And so she did move to New York - and has since booked gigs on the runways of Yeezy Season 4 show, the Naeem Khan Spring 2017 catwalk at New York Fashion Week and at the Fenty x Puma show in Paris.

Our fashion industry needs to lift its game. Now.

4. Shailene Woodley revealed that she is, in fact, a TOTAL ALIEN on the Emmys red carpet

Image: Getty.

One would assume being involved in one of 2017's biggest and most important television shows would give you an appreciation for the small screen. But no, Big LIttle Lies star, Shailene Woodley doesn't watch TV. Because she... reads.

Speaking on the red carpet for Monday's Emmy Awards, the 25-year-old chose that exact moment to pretty much say she point blank is too good to watch TV like the rest of us plebs.

"All my friends watch TV. I just ask them when they have time to. When do people have time to? I’m a reader. So I always read a book instead of turning on my TV," she told the reporter.

Ugh. We're happy for her, and we wish we weren't annoyed... but... we're kinda annoyed.

5. Chrissie Swan has heard Connie Johnson's message loud and clear

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It's been less than a fortnight since the world lost Love Your Sister breast cancer awareness campaigner and long-time cancer-fighter Connie Johnson.

One of Connie - and her brother Samuel's - main messages to the women of Australia was this: Check your breasts.

Radio personality Chrissie Swan has heard this message loud and clear, booking herself in for a mammogram this week.

The mum-of-two shared a photo of herself outside a breast screening clinic on Instagram on Monday.

"This week in honour of [Connie] I womanned up and booked myself in for a mammogram," she wrote.

She told her followers that this was her first mammogram, but that she found it only took eight minutes and did not hurt "one bit".

"Also I wasn't one bit embarrassed with my giant boobs out and being wrangled onto the glass plates like 2 fleshy pythons. It was just business. Totally fine. Get it done, ladies."

It's a lovely reminder that while Connie is no longer here, her impact continues to be felt.

You can find out about booking a breast screen here.

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