The first intimate glimpse into Alex and Richie's life together is here.

Before we begin: yes, I know you are probably still grieving for Nikki’s broken heart on The Bachelor.

I am, too.

My grief is no longer that she isn’t with Richie, but utter devastation she fell in love with a person who couldn’t love her back.

But, we’re forgetting one thing here.


Alex and Richie.

They have made the rounds of official interviews, posed for all their promo shots, and now they will begin their descent back into whatever normal life they will have.

After keenly stalking both of their Instagrams, Alex has finally blessed us with the first private shot of the couple.


Despite all my feelings for Nikki, I can’t help but fall in love with these two right this moment.

As the mum of one writes, “I found you. I found love, friendship and happiness.”

“Rich, I wouldn’t change a thing! Here is to many more adventures and experiencing life together. I’M SO BLOODY EXCITED!!! I love you.”

See, even the most devastated hearts will be able to slightly mended with that.

Scroll through to see more from Alex on Instagram. AND HER LITTLE BOY WHO IS ADORABLE. (Post continues after gallery.)

Richie shared the same photo writing he had found his love.

“I found her, my love, my co-pilot, my partner in crime, my everything. I followed my heart and I’ve never been this happy,” Richie wrote.

“Alex to me you’re perfect, you’re everything I could of [sic] ever wished for. You make me the happiest guy in the world, I love you.”

Oh, stop it, Richie. That’s too sweet.

Speaking to Mamamia, Alex told us she just most excited to go back to the normal life with Richie. You know, having dates not in a chocolate bath or in the middle of a bush.

“I’m just so excited to … go for a drive with him, be out with other people and just being able to be open with my friends and family about the relationship and just not have to keep this big, huge secret from everybody,” she said.

We are so happy for Richie and Alex. Maybe their beautiful, magical adventure begin.

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