The Bachelor's Alex gets probed about her relationship on Family Feud. Doesn't hold back at all.

PSA: Alex Nation – winner of The Bachelor 2016 and Richie Strahan‘s heart forevermore – has had it UP TO HERE with the questions about Nikki Gogan.

Appearing on Monday night’s celebrity installment of Channel 10’s Family Feud, the 25-year-old event manager didn’t hold back when host Grant Denyer pointed out the season finale, in September, “divided a nation”.

“What was going on with that?” Denyer probed.

“I don’t know,” the mum-of-one began. “You know, I guess, people love Nikki. I love Nikki. She’s gorgeous. But, you know, he chose me. So…”

While Nation’s honest response drew audible gasps from the live audience, it received an enthusiastic, “Damn right he did!” from Denyer.

 "Damn right he did!" (Image: Channel 10/Family Feud)

"Yeah, but, you know, I think people get so invested in the show and they love it," Nation, who was recently photographed looking engagement rings alongside 31-year-old Strahan, continued.

"They live and breathe it. And I think, you know, when you have your favourite, you feel for that person, and everyone definitely felt for Nikki."

She ended: "At the end of the day, you know, I'm very happy."

It's not the first time the model has spoken about the tumultuous finale this week. In a 'Question and Answer' post on her Instagram page, Nation expressed disappointment in the public's harsh response also.

"At the end of the day, you know, I'm very happy." (Image: Instagram/Alex Nation)

"It was disappointing to see so much negativity as I myself couldn't imagine ever being like that to another person, especially someone who I do not know," she told fans.

"People become very invested with the show and I understand that viewers felt Nikki's heartbreak and empathised with her.

"Half of Australia was heart broken also! And that's okay. However, it's much nice to be happy for others if they are happy rather than putting negativity on that happiness."

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