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Alex Nation has been photographed straight up kissing an ex-Bachelorette contestant.

Alex Nation has been in Australia for a total of 24 hours since wrapping up filming in Fiji for Bachelor in Paradise, and THE TV SHOW IS ALREADY RUINED.

Well, at least one central plot point has been spoiled.

It appears the 27-year-old, who previously won Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor, finds love again in the upcoming reality series. This time, with none other than Bill.

You remember Bill.

This might refresh your memory. Post continues after video.

Video by Ten

Bill from Ali’s season. Bill whose parents couldn’t make it to his home visit because they were ‘overseas’. Bill who instead introduced Ali to his current ex girlfriend, Amy, at her house.

Bill who, to his credit, has a very cute dog.

Ali meet arnie ❤️???? #bachelorettau #arnie #frenchy #happy

A post shared by Bill Goldsmith ???? (@bill.michael.goldsmith) on


Alex and Bill, 31, were photographed approximately 7,659 times on Tuesday, as the strolled around a Melbourne park (with said dog), got coffee, and even appeared to visit Coles.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The photos, published exclusively on the Daily Mail, show them holding hands, kissing, and laughing, and only looking at their phones a ‘lil bit, which we all know is a sign of true love.

Given that they’ve both now returned to Australia, and are kissing in public, it can only be assumed that they develop a relationship on Bachelor in Paradise. 

The photos seem to corroborate the very first rumour that emerged from the set of the show, that there’s a love triangle between Alex Nation, Florence Moerenhout, and Bill Goldsmith. In late November, Now to Love published a story claiming Bill “hits it off” with Alex, but Florence reportedly swoops in for a shot at the Melbourne plumber.


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