Alex Nation just found a candle that perfectly sums up her Bachelor experience.

Okay okay okay, I know that headline is a bit weird, but YES reader friends — The Bachelor winner has found a piece of homeware that perfectly sums up her experience vying for Richie’s doodle heart.

A candle, to be precise.

It’s hard to believe a bloody candle could be a synopsis for eight weeks of gangbuster reality television, I know, but just look.

When a candle has your bachelor edit written all over it… literally ????????

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“When a candle has your bachelor edit written all over it… literally,” the 25-year-old mum shared with her 96,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday afternoon, referring to the candle’s label: “Cute, but psycho. But cute”.

To be honest, it’s pretty freaking brilliant.

I’m also impressed by Alex’s choice of words —  her “bachelor edit”. I mean, it’s pretty damn clear this lady isn’t about to let a highly-contrived television program define who she is.

Go. Gurl.

The Melbourne venue manager’s great sense of humour wasn’t lost on her many fans, who flocked to the post to share their thoughts.


“There is something just so attractive about a person who can laugh at themselves and see the positive in all situations,” one wrote, continuing: “You rock and we love you.”

Another: “All I saw was a woman in falling love. I didn’t see a psycho that’s for sure.”

In between receiving lashings from her ex’s family members and copping widespread abuse from the public, the mum of little Elijah has been nothing but measured and lovely with the media.

“I don’t read into that stuff. I’ve seen all of [the hate] memes [on social media], but when it comes to that sort of thing, I know who I am,” she told us after the final episode last month.

“Viewers only see snippets and they are only shown what they want you to see. At the end of the day, it is a television show and there needs to be characters and storylines and I completely understand that.”

Keep on keepin’ on, Alex.