What went down when The Bachelor's Alex met Richie's mum again.

There was one woman who captured Australia’s collective heart in the final week of The Bachelor: Richie Strahan’s mum.

The incomparable Kate Strahan also scared the bejeezus out of her son’s two prospective partners, Nikki Gogan and Alex Nation.

For those who’ve forgotten (it was over a week ago, after all), Kate grilled both women on their personal lives and their intentions.

She also had an actual physical reaction to the news that 25-year-old Alex was a single mum.

“How in depth have you explained to Richard the responsibility that you’re asking him to take on?” Kate asked.

“What about the nitty gritty?”

In the end, it wasn’t a total disaster, but she also wasn’t exactly picking out wedding invites with her new daughter-in-law to be.

Alex and Kate have now met again and judging by their goofy smiles in this happy snap on Richie’s Instagram account, things went a bit better.

When Miss Grill is actually Miss Chill ???? Family hangs ✌????️

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“When Miss Grill is actually Miss Chill,” Richie captioned the post, a play on the now infamous one-liner his mum delivered during her meeting with Nikki.