The first photo of ex-NRL star Alex McKinnon standing for his bride Teigan is here.

On October 8, ex-NRL star Alex McKinnon – who suffered a devastating spinal cord injury in March 2014 which left him a quadriplegic – wed his long-term partner Teigan Power in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Now, the first images of him fulfilling a promise he made to Teigan to stand on their wedding day have been released.

In an exclusive interview with New Idea magazine, Teigan, a 23-year-old primary school teacher, said she was “shocked” when her new husband stood by her side during the ceremony.

“I couldn’t believe Alex stood for all that time,” she told the magazine.

When your dream day is summed up in one photo♥️

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“It was lovely to be able to look him in the eye, rather than looking down at him in his wheelchair.

“It just made the ceremony that much more intimate. We started crying every time we caught each other’s eye. It was beautiful.”

Sharing the touching image on Instagram, Teigan said their “dream day” could be summed up in one image: of her and Alex standing in each other’s arms, smiling.


25-year-old Alex added that it took “three years of everything I’ve got in me to achieve this moment of standing with my beautiful wife on our wedding day”.

“Dreams do come true when the piper is paid,” he added.

Tomorrow is the day we say "I do" to the rest of our lives♥️ #lastnightasamiss #themckinnonwedding

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The pair also gave some insight into their cheeky vows – with Alex joking that Teigan had been “begging” for a proposal for about a year before he popped the question to his high school sweetheart from his hospital bed just days after his on-field accident.

He also made Teigan promise, in their wedding vows, to eat lunch at recess every day “so she doesn’t get too angry”.

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