No one thought 'poet' Alex Cusak could climb the wall on Australian Ninja Warrior. He did it.

When you think Australian Ninja Warrior, muscles usually come to mind.

Ex-footballers, gymnasts, body builders, iron men.

These are the kinds of people we’re used to seeing on the Channel 9 show. Athletes whose bodies say “I am big and strong and I will win”.

People like this:

Ex-NRL star Eloni Vunakece. Image: Nine.
Ex-NRL star Eloni Vunakece. Image: Nine.
Olympic gymnast Celeste Dixon. Image: Nine.
Olympic gymnast Celeste Dixon. Image: Nine.
Body building champion Kwame Duah
Body building champion Kwame Duah. Image: Nine.

So when 19-year-old budding poet, Alex Cusack, walked out onto the Ninja Warrior course on Monday night, he knew he would be overlooked.

"I think on paper I don't really have much of a chance. I am not very large, I don't weigh much and I spend a lot of my time writing poetry," he said in an interview before his attempt.

Six potential ninjas had tried and failed before Alex's turn.

Even the hosts were underestimating him.

"There's something going on with this kid. He doesn't look like much of a ninja," said Rebecca Madden as he breezed through the first few obstacles.

Even halfway through, Ben Fordham wasn't ready to give him props just yet, "He's giving it a red hot go," he remarked.

Six people tried and failed before Alex finished the course. Image: Nine.

But Alex, who is also a kids' party host absolutely smashed it.

He became the first competitor of the night to get to the top of the wall and hit the buzzer, sending him through to the next round.

"It was one of the greatest times I've ever had in my life," he said afterwards.

"I had very high expectations but very low expectations."

And then Alex went onto dish the audience up some original slam poetry.

Here's Alex post win. Article continues after video.

Video by Nine

"On the course they do but meet. The young the old here to compete.

"Some are tall and steadily built, others others lith and light as silk.

"Some dash through like a flash of lightning, others don speedos and it's quite frightening.

"But no matter who or what they be, it's the mount that's the foe of you and me.

"So gather around for all the drama and lets see who conquers Midoriyama."

Thank you Alex for proving that size doesn't matter.

I think sometimes we need to be reminded of that fact.

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