There's nothing wrong with Alessandra Ambrosio's kids kissing on the lips.

When I look at pictures of model Alessandra Ambrosio’s children Anja, 7, and Noah, 3, I’m reminded of my own niece and nephew who are of a similar age.

Their round adorable faces. The way they cling to each other like only siblings do. Their unique laugh. Their ability to find fun in almost anything, as long as they are beside each other.

I’m reminded of the love they share and how quickly it can change, as I watch them rumble and push each other over one minute, then kiss and give each other squishy cuddles the next.

Valentina's niece and nephew. Image supplied.

My nephew is very rough and tumble at times but there's no doubt that he's obsessed with his older sister. He wants to do all of the things she does, he will drop his toys in an instant to gawk at whatever she has picked up and he follows he around to the point of becoming a shadow.

When we tell him to be nice to his sister, he will often wrap his chubby little arms around her and give her a big smooch on the lips which she will more often than not rub away.

After all at kiss age, a big kiss on the lips means I really really really love you. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Classic example of annoying baby brother and unimpressed older sister. Image supplied.

Just a day ago, Ambrosio shared a photo on her Instagram of Anja and Noah kissing. She captioned the image with, "The best kind of love".

Alessandra Ambrosio's children Anja and Noah. Image via @alessandraambrosio Instagram.

And while all I could see was two gorgeous children displaying affection for their sibling, some of her followers could only pick apart the image, suggesting that there is something wrong with two children kissing on the lips.

"This is disgusting," wrote one. "This doesn't look good..." thought another.  Some even when as far as to cry 'incest'.

Since when did a toddler giving his sister a kiss, which quite obviously had no sexual intention behind it, equal incest?

Alessandra Ambrosio with her children Anja and Noah. Image via @alessandraambrosio Instagram.

Thankfully some followers came to the defence of the image.

"People talking about incest, if you see something wrong in this picture, there is something wrong with you! Love is pure," a commenter wrote.

"Sibling love is the best kind," added another.

So for those who find a problem with this image, I can only say one thing.

There is no love purer than the love shared between siblings. Watching the relationship between my niece and nephew grow from birth taught me that.

Do your kids kiss each other on the lips?