Alec Baldwin talked about his daughter's sex life. And it was beautiful.

He went there.

Podcasts are the new blogs, and Alex Baldwin is quickly establishing himself as king of the digital airwaves with his WNYC show, Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin.

In his latest upload, Alec meets with comedy darling Amy Schumer and the conversation turns to the topic of Amy’s legion of female fans. Specifically, those who think she’s pretty sexy.

“Women get confused around me,” Schumer told Baldwin.”They want my attention, they like me. I’m straight, but they’ll sometimes deal with me the way that they would a guy that they’re attracted to.”

Instead of broaching the subject in a sleazy way, Alec thoughtfully turned the conversation towards his own daughter, Ireland. Last year, the 20-year-old dated female rapper Angel Haze, and came out publicly as bisexual.

The eternally handsome Alec Baldwin.

“People who are young are on a spectrum,” Alec said.

“As my daughter said to me once, she said to me – because she had a girlfriend for a while –  ‘you don’t sleep with a man or a woman, you sleep with a person. I’m attracted to that person.’

“So she slept with somebody who was a woman. I was like, you know, wow, I’ve met men that I loved as much as anybody in my life.’”

It was a touching moment in which Alec decided to rise above any awkwardness or cheap shots on the topic of homosexuality and instead favoured a very modern and moderate response.

Alec shared this cute video of his daughter Ireland on Instagram recently (post continues after video):

Video via Alec Baldwin

One that conveyed his own respect and awe of his young daughter’s maturity.

I mean, Alec isn’t exactly known for his tact much of the time, but clearly his role as a father to a bisexual daughter has equipped him with a learned stance on the topic.

Alec with wife Hilaria (left), babies Carmen and Raphael, and daughter Ireland (right).

It is a wonderful attitude for father and daughter Baldwin, particularly when you consider their rocky past.

During his divorce from ex-wife (and Ireland’s Mum) Kim Basinger in 2007, Alec infamously left a voicemail on his then 11-year-old daughter’s voicemail, ranting – “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig. You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being.

“I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you’re a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn’t care about what you do as far as I’m concerned.

“Once again I have made an ass of myself trying to get to a phone. You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone.”

Alec and daughter Ireland.

It would seem time has healed all wounds, with Alec stepping out with his daughter, new wife Hilaria and toddler Carmen at the James Bond premiere earlier this year as a happily blended family.

If you haven’t listened to the silky sounds of Alec’s voice on his podcast, tune in here. You won’t regret it.

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