A 5-in-1 beauty device and an Olaplex dupe: All the bargains in this week's ALDI special buys sale.

If you thought a global pandemic would stop ALDI from continuing their popular Special Buys sales, think again.

In fact, social distancing and public health measures in-store might just make for the most civilised one yet.

This weekend, the German retailer is selling beauty-themed bargains for anyone who feels like tackling some beauty treatments at home in isolation.

From a $40 five-in-one beauty device to a $20 ‘salon quality’ hair bonding kit, the ALDI May 2 Special Buys sale has it all.

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Keep scrolling for the rundown on the main products that have piqued our interest.

FYI – Because we haven’t had the chance to try them, we can’t tell you first-hand if they actually work, but we can give you the product info you need to know should you want to do some socially distanced shopping this weekend.

1. Visage IPL Hair Remover, $89.99.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removing devices work by emitting pulses of light that are absorbed by the melanin (colour) in your hair. Over time, consistent use stops hair follicles from producing hair.

ALDI’s version has five levels of light pulse intensity and works for up to 50,000 single light flashes. By comparison, more expensive models go up to 250,000 to 300,000. $90 is pretty cheap for an at-home IPL device so adjust your expectations.

Better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed, yeah?

aldi special buys
Here we have the at-home laser device and the 5-in-1 whole body beauty tool. Intriguing. Image: Supplied/ALDI.

2. Visage Cordless Hair Remover (a.k.a the 5-in-1 beauty device), $39.99.

Now THIS device is intriguing.

The cordless five-in-one tool is: an epilator hair remover, a shaver, a body massager, an electric facial cleansing brush and a callus remover. Yep, it's a full-service machine.

It also has two speeds so you can supercharge grinding your crusty feet if needed, an eight-hour charge time for 45 minutes of use, and comes with rechargeable batteries and a storage bag for travel. Nifty.

3. Hair Volume Styler, $24.99.

aldi special buys
Easy at-home blow dries? yes please. Image: Supplied/ALDI.

Think of this as the low budget version of getting your hair blow dried in a salon.

It's a hair dryer and round brush in one you can use to achieve smooth, expensive-looking hair. ALDI's version has two heat setting, two rotation directions, two brush attachment for smaller and larger waves, a 1,000W motor and 'overheating protection'.

Sounds decent enough, but just in case, we'd recommend using your hair dryer until your hair is 70 per cent dry, then hitting it with this to finish. And if it dies on you, at least it comes with a three-year warranty.

4. Hair Dryer, $24.99.

Look, it's no Parlux, but this hair dryer sounds alright for its low price tag. It uses 2,000-2,400W fast drying power and ionic technology that fights frizz.

You'll also get the standard three heat settings and two speed settings, and cool shot and boost buttons. This models comes with a styling nozzle and diffuser, and is available in black and silver.

5. Kairplex 3 Step Hair Bonding Kit, $19.99.

aldi special buys
This hair bonding kit is a 12th of the price of the original Olaplex kit. Image: Supplied/ALDI.

Are these a rip off of the cult Olaplex products? 100 per cent. But to be honest, we're still keen to give them a crack.

This kit includes a 100ml intensive repair treatment, 250ml maintenance shampoo and 250ml maintenance conditioner, and all the products contain 'salon grade technology' to seal hair bonds and restore damaged hair.

If you've got coloured hair or damaged hair from heat styling, it's worth trying considering the three-piece Olaplex Bond Smoother Kit costs $125. Again, adjust your expectations to avoid disappointment.

6. Haircarebear Gummies, 60pk for $14.99.

These are ALDI's version of the Sugarbear Hair Gummies spruiked by the Kardashians.

The retailer says their chewable vitamins are designed to increase hair thickness, length and strength, and prevent breakage. A full ingredients list isn't available online but the ALDI website says they contain vitamin C, A and E, biotin, zinc and natural blueberries and raspberries. Oh, and they're vegetarian, gluten free and gelatine free.

As with any supplement, we wouldn't be eating these without carefully reading the ingredients list and perhaps even consulting with a GP to check they're safe to consume in conjunction with other medications.

Other beauty products on offer during the May 2 Special Buys sale include hairbrushes with boar and nylon bristles ($7.99), the retailer's Protane Argan Oil Hair Treatment ($5.99), L'Oreal Magic Retouch Spray ($10.00) and OGX Shampoo and Conditioner ($9.99).

And in completely unrelated news, you can also nab an actual sewing machine for $99.

So, if you do decide to head out for the ALDI Saturday May 2 Special Buys sale, remember: keep a safe distance and wash your hands.

Feature image: Supplied/ALDI.

Have you tried and ALDI beauty products in the past? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.