Former Bachelorette Alana Wilkie has tied the knot.

You might remember Alana Wilkie, 26, as the bubbly brunette who had her heart broken by none other than Bachelor Blake Garvey on national television? More than a year and a half later and Alana has been very busy. She’s moved on from Blake (obviously) and is now married to footballer Chris Billings.

The couple welcomed a baby girl, Alexandria Rose, last year, and spent their time jetting to some pretty exotic locations. It seems as though nothing can stop this dynamic duo.

Alana holding her gorgeous baby Alexandria. Image: Instagram.

Their wedding was held in Perth on Saturday, and as of yet we haven't seen the dress or any of the attendees. So everyone must be recovering from a raging wedding hangover or they've scored themselves a magazine deal.

Alana did post a picture on Instagram ahead of their nuptials, clearly ecstatic about the big day to come.

Chris, ever the romantic, concocted a similar gesture, posting a photo saying, "This time tomorrow I will have a wife." Sweet.

We can't wait to see what the grand affair looked like... and if Alexandria had a role to play.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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