The very adult "secret message" we all missed in Aladdin.

Ahh, Aladdin.

He was, for many of us, the heartthrob who made us seriously question the legitimacy of a cartoon crush. The charming street urchin who whisked princess Jasmine away from the clutches of evil and into the kind of relationship we all later realised was about as realistic as the film itself.


The focus on the new live action remake of the Disney film has unearthed a great deal of nostalgia for the 90s classic and a questionably risque moment.


According to a popular Internet theory — which has since been labelled ‘false’ by website Snopes — there was a sexy quip inserted into the original script that most of us missed.

It has been suggested that during the balcony scene, where Aladdin attempts to woo Jasmine, he whispers to her tiger:”Good teenagers take off their clothes.”

You can assess the ‘evidence’ yourself in the following video:

It’s a bit of a long shot with the “teenagers”, but I can sort of hear the “take off their clothes.”

The theory behind the clip has previously raised so much attention that a spokesperson for Disney had to officially deny it.

Aladdin was said to have actually whispered, “Good kitty, take off and go.”

It certainly makes more sense, but it’s a lot less fun.

Feature image via Disney.