Ajay Rochester responds to reports she's asking for money for her son's kitten.

Ajay Rochester has, 46, responded to stories reporting that she’s asking her Facebook followers for money for her son’s kitten.

“Shame on you,” she wrote on Facebook page.

“This article actually made my son cry. You can sit there and write whatever the fuck you want but when my son says he ‘can’t survive this’ you have to know these words have a deep and lasting impact!

“Shame on you daily telegraph and all thise who reprint this horrible version of a young child trying to save his therapy pet! Shame on you!”

Here’s her initial post:

Rochester’s initial post. Image via Facebook.

According to the Telegraph, only months ago, Rochester “was asking her Facebook friends and fans for money to keep her son Kai out of ‘juvey’.”

Rochester does appear to use her Facebook page to elicit funds for various causes.

One post reads, “Okay so I have a very close friend so close she could be my sister or even me ….. And she hates how everything I say gets picked up and written about in the media so she is too scared to ask for help here even though she is in a desperate situation so I said I would ask for her….. I oops I mean she needs to find someone she can borrow 3 grand from and she is willing to sign a contract and pay interest…”

Another: “I’m looking for 5 x $1000 ‘investors’ for a secret ‘project’. They will get 20% interest and paid back in 3 months.”

Regardless, Rochester is adamant that her son, Kai, started the GoFundMe page himself to help his beloved kitten Nacho.

On Twitter, she accused one newsletter of “tabloid terrorism” and in another Facebook post, Rochester explained the Australian media’s bullying prompted her decision to move to the US.

Rochester with her son Kai. Image via Facebook.

“Have to say I live here in the USA to try to get away from the relentless bullying from the Australian media. Today was the first time in a long time an article has made me cry. My son, who has Aspergers, has a kitten that means the world to him, so much so that HE created a go fund me page to ask for help. Why it had to turn into a shitty article about me and my son I have no idea,” she wrote.

“I stand by my darling son who has Aspergers and who many say, because of that they lack empathy. I applaud my child who struggles with so many things, to love something so much that he asks the world he is so often not a part of for help. Fuck you daily telegraph you are artively [sic] engaged in killing people . My son was devastated at reading this article. Shame on you!!!!”

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