An Air Asia flight is missing between Indonesia and Singapore.



A statement from the Prime Minister’s office has revealed that PM Tony Abbott has spoken to Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, and offered to do “whatever we humanly could to assist” in the search for flight QZ8501.
The Prime Minister assured the Indonesian President that an Australian P3 Orion aircraft is ready to provide any assistance that might be required.
The UK Foreign Office has confirmed a British national was on board AirAsia flight QZ8501.
“We are aware of an incident regarding AirAsia flight QZ8501,” a statement from the ministry said.
“We have been informed by the local authorities that one British national was on board. 
“Their next of kin has been informed and we stand ready to provide consular assistance.

Earlier, Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, spoke to media about the disappearance of Air Asia flight QZ8501 in the ocean north of Indonesia, close to the coast of Borneo. She confirmed that a search operation is underway and that she has been advised that there are no Australians on the flight.

“We understand that there were no Australians on board that flight,” she said.

“However, I have sought the manifest so that we can check for any dual nationals or permanent residents, but we understand that there were no Australians on board that flight.”
Julie Bishop addresses the media on Australia’s response to flight QZ8501 (via Twitter/@kimrobertson_9)
Ms Bishop says she has been in contact with the foreign ministers of Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea and has offered Australia’s assistance in the search operation.
“Australia will take on board any requests and respond how we can,  but at this stage we’ve made an offer to assist the Indonesia government,” she said.

“We’re waiting to hear from them should they need that, but I understand the search and rescue operation is underway.”
 DFAT are working with local authorities to check the flight manifest. They released this statement.

FlightRadar24 co-founder Mikael Robertsson told ABC News 24 it looked like the incident may have been weather related.

“It looks like they have flown into turbulence and requested to climb above the turbulence and during the climb the signal was lost from the aircraft,” he said.

Previously, Mamamia wrote:

AirAsia released a Facebook post at 2.45pm confirming that Flight QZ8501 had lost contact with Jakarta’s air traffic control on 10.15am Sunday.

The flight had departed the Indonesian city of Surabaya and was intended to reach Singapore with 162 people on board before they lost contact.

The pilot requested for a “left track” to avoid clouds says Indonesia’s air transportation director.



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The Air Asia CEO wrote:

The aircraft, which is an Airbus 320-200, has prompted a tweet from Airbus.


More details to come….