Reality star Aimee was terrified of heights. In 2016, she fell to her death from an open window.

Reality TV star Aimee Spencer had the world at her feet.

The 27-year-old, described by family members as “vibrant” and “a free spirit” had appeared on the popular show, Geordie Shore, according to The Sun.

She’d previously worked as a webcam model, but had shifted her focus to her passion of health and nutrition. She had a blog called Gym Kitchen and was planning to release a cookbook full of healthy recipes.

But on July 11 2016, Aimee plunged to her death from the second-story window of a luxury, seafront apartment.

A new documentary, The Death of Amy Spencer, presented by Katie Piper, examines the circumstances surrounding her death.

The film follows the case from when the police arrived to search the property to its conclusion last month.

Here’s what the programme has managed to piece together about Aimee’s death and the events surrounding it.

On the day of her death, Aimee attended a party at the Brighton home of drug dealer Daniel Lewis, 28.

Before she arrived, according to The Daily Star she received a text from Lewis that read: “Get in, get your kit off, get Helen making balloons while I’ll make a line under your nose as long as a yeti’s leg.”

At his home, an autopsy would later reveal, she took cocaine and ketamine. Then, in the early hours of the morning, Aimee fell naked from the kitchen window.

Her father, Richard, 69, told the programme: “She had catastrophic brain injuries and they told us there wasn’t much possibility of recovery. Even though they warned me, it still took my breath away when I saw her.


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“Nothing can prepare you for the sight of your daughter hooked up to all these machines.”


After Aimee’s lifeless body had been discovered and she had been rushed to hospital, police stormed Lewis’ flat.

Body cam footage shown in the documentary shows him opening the door, looking delirious.

He admits to being under the influence of cocaine and diazepam, as reported by The Mirror. Then he looks around the drug-strewn flat, asking where Aimee is, before being arrested.

Aimee’s dad and her mum Jean kept vigil at her bedside, but doctors told them her brain stem was severed. A week after the fall, they made the heartbreaking decision to turn her life support off.

In the documentary, Aimee’s sister Daria said: “We were told that she went out the window, they didn’t say how. Was she pushed, did she go out on her own free will? That was the main question. My sister is scared of heights, what was she doing climbing out of a window?”

Meanwhile, Lewis was released without charge. Subsequently, he was found guilty of seven counts of possessing class A, B, and C drugs with intent to supply, and one count of possessing ketamine, but they could not prove he had provided the drugs Aimee took prior to her death.

According to the programme, toxicologist Dr Olaf Biedrzycki told the inquest: “There was no sign of sexual assault, pressure or a knife injury. I can’t exclude a criminal act, but I cannot prove that.”

He also stated that “the drug mix could have put Ms Spencer in a dream-like state.”

While the inquest concluded Aimee died as a result of the injuries from her fall, the exact circumstances surrounding it remain uncertain.

Aimee’s mum spoke of her decision to appear on the documentary.

She said: “We lost a ­daughter. She was 27. Drugs were there and in some form a factor, so if we can help prevent somebody else going through this we will.”

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