Ah. So Octuplet Mummy didn’t always look like Angelina.


So here’s the before shot.

And now…

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When I was watching that interview with Nadya Suleman, I admit I was a little distracted by her face. She did have that too-much-plastic-surgery look but I thought to myself “when would she have the time – or cash – to mess with her face when she has her own biological kindergarten?”. And then I noticed her nails when she was giving us a tour of the babies in the neo-natal ward. They were fake. And long. With white tips. Hmmmm, I thought. That’s a little odd. How does one change 3000 nappies with fake nails?

I’m becoming more intrigued by Ms Suleman by the day. Cleary she is Christmas Crackers. But still, those kids and babies didn’t get to choose who their mother was going to be. I still hope she gets lots of sponsorship deals – so long as they pay her in goods like nappies and formula and nursery furniture. Not cash that she might spend on her nails or inject into her face.
My mind is boggling at the thought of how you would ever take any of the children out of the house. Imagine a car with 8 capsules and 6 baby seats…..


lots more pix after the jump

Word is, she’s getting a reality show. I will so be watching that show. In fact, could it please be a 24 hour channel, like CNN?

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Above, she looks more like Cher than Angelina…..


one of the three bedrooms in her house where 16 people will shortly live

Nadya’s mum, Angela who says she owns the house and pays all the bills.


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