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The first thing Nikki did after Richie dumped her on The Bachelor proves she is all of us.

Nikki Gogan had her heart broken during The Bachelor finale in Bali. And like most people she had a good cry about it – with the one person most girl’s know you can rely on.

Australia’s favourite runner-up spoke about what she did after Richie let her down, in an interview with Pop Sugar.

“I went back to the hotel in Bali and rang my mummy! And I was on the first flight out in the morning.”

Nikki said her mum picked her up from the airport and took her to see her sister. The pair remained the only family members who knew the truth until Thursday night’s finale aired.

And it was a blow to them too.

“My family are devastated this morning,” the 29-year-old said.

“They’re all really heartbroken this morning, they’re all in shock, so I’m going to be doing a lot of consoling.”

Despite how heartbroken her family (and the lady herself) are feeling, the WA woman said she regrets nothing from the experience and wished Richie all the best.

“I gave Richie everything of me and he chose a beautiful girl,” she said.

“Alex is absolutely amazing and I just hope they’re going to be so, so happy together.”

When asked if she agreed with many Richie critics who say she had been led on, Nikki assured us all she was no one’s fool.

“No, I don’t feel angry towards him or misled or anything like that,” she told Pop Sugar.

“I think that he did care about me and I believe the words he said to me, otherwise, he’s a damn good actor . . . And he’s not that!”

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Richie sure wasn’t acting when he let Nikki down, with the real estate agent revealing she knew when saw him it wasn’t going to work out.

Nikki's face says it all. (Image via Channel Ten/The Bachelor)

"The minute when I was in front of him, I knew," Nikki said.

"He was not my Richie, there was a completely different energy around him at that moment, and I think it did register before I heard the words.

"I could see it on my face and I knew from the minute I got there that it wasn't going to go the way I wanted it to."

And of course, Nikki said she knew, sadly, this kind of disappointment was not unique.

"I'm not the first person or the last to love someone who doesn't love them back, it's just the way that it is."