The winter fashion trend that’ll make you feel like a very fancy millionaire.

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When Meghan Markle hasn’t been chomping on scones with the Queen, she’s clearly been busy setting next season’s biggest trend: the power coat.

The power coat is like any other coat, except… better. It’s bold. It’s gotta be at least down to the knee, if not longer. It’s a statement. And, by extension, you look fancy as f**k whenever you wear it.

Meghan has donned a very powerful power coat on almost every public outing since announcing her engagement to Prince Harry.


Given summer is now over, we all need to accept that very, very soon, winter will come. And we will be sad and cold. And in dire need of an epic power coat. (And vitamin D but that’s irrelevant.)

I’m a writer of the people, so did some very important internet shopping “work research” and found a power coat for almost every budget.

This isn’t the first trend Meghan Markle has brought back. Post continues.


Budget: My wallet cries at night

This powder blue coat from Miss Selfridge might look like you have infinity monies, but will only set you back $74.95. Win.

affordable winter coats

This Boohoo double breasted coat will make you look like you have at least one beach house, but only costs $90.

affordable winter coat

Oh, and then there's this cute coat from Bershka. It costs $60.

affordable winter coats

Budget: I order Uber Eats twice a week

Vero Moda know how to make billionaire chic fashun for a relatively affordable price. This dreamy coat costs $129.95.

affordable winter coats

The good people at H&M are currently selling this camel wool-blend wrap coat for $169.

affordable winter coat

This coat from New Look Curve is gorgeous and will set you back $109. If you tell me this model doesn't look like a powerful entrepreneur preparing to smash the most important meeting of her life, you're lying.

affordable winter coats

This coat from Zara is also tres chic and will give you all the 'I'm a kickarse boss lady' vibes. It costs $179.00.

affordable winter coats

Budget: Occasionally forgets to check price tag before heading to register

Cooper St Curvy has created the ultimate power coat in this navy number. It costs $249.95.

affordable winter coats

If you've got some more money to play around with, this gorgeous coat from Country Road has a price tag of $449.

affordable winter coats

And, finally, the ultimate power coat, in both colour and length. This is from MNG and has a price tag of $259.95.

affordable winter coats

Go forth and prepare for world domination, ladies.