LEIGH CAMPBELL: 'I've found a $22 item that perfectly organises all your makeup.'

If there's one thing you must know about us, it's that we're nosy. Very bloody nosy. And we love a good poke through other people's things. More specifically, their beauty things

And it works well, really. Because as it turns out, our lovely Youbies (You Beauty podcast listeners, for the uninitiated) are just like us. Cute and nosy.

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Because on a recent episode, a listener by the name of Cassandra sent Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren a DM, which read: "I loved Leigh talking about her new makeup vanity. I went straight online to look at it and it made me want to know how other people store their makeup and skincare. Do they do it in their room or the bathroom? What storage to they use? I'm sure you ladies have more products than a Sephora store. So I would love to hear your suggestions?"

And boy, did they offer up some recommendations. (They did. They really did).

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Leigh said, "For me, it's about who I want to be. I'm semi-organised and into storage. But actually, my life is chaos. So I want to be 'her'. I buy all the things to try and do the organisation. I do it and two weeks later — well, two days later — it's a mess."


Have you ever read a more relatable sentence?

She continued, "I've got this little makeup table and I've recently finished my little setup — let's go through some of the solutions that I've got."

Leigh's makeup table! Supplied.


Here's a sneaky look into Leigh's beauty vanity, and exactly what she uses to organise her products.

AMAZON Drawer Organiser, $22.

Image: Amazon/Canva.

"A thing I love from Amazon is the drawer organiser dividers. It's expandable — it's meant to be a cutlery tray — you open up the drawer. It's three layers, so you can lay down eyeshadows, etc. It's so good."


Sagatine Milan Shoe Box - Olive, $48.

Image: Sagitine/Canva.

"This is a small Aussie lady startup — these are the most beautiful leather-handled shoeboxes. They're $48 each and they come in eight different colours. I made a stack up to the height of the table and then I pull them out like the drawers."

IKEA UPPRÄMEN Storage Basket, $29.

Image: IKEA/Canva.


"This is just a general basket that you could use for anything. I think it's probably for the laundry but it's quite tall. It's got three sections inside and a handle and then this little thing on top — so it's for my taller products, like my face mists and my foundations. In the little shelf at the top I've got my nail scissors for cutting lashes and my tweezers — I love it."

IKEA VISSLAÅN Box (set of 5), $12.

Image: IKEA/Canva.


"This is very boring and from Ikea but I use these all over the house in different ways. The Visslaan box is a set of five and it's a grey perspex with a lid. Great for things like cotton buds and the bigger ones are great for eyeshadow palettes or whatever."

How do you like to organise your makeup kit? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram;@leighacampbell/Supplied.

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