Kid style on a budget: Six ways to jazz up your daughter's wardrobe.

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As my daughter has risen through the ranks of kids’ clothing sizes, if anything, I actually enjoy shopping with her more than ever. I love her taste and her style and watching how it’s evolved. I can see my influence in there, and she still asks for my opinion, but she really enjoys the process of choosing what she’d like to wear.

At this time of year, when the school lists have been sent off and uniforms are ready and waiting, it’s a great time to go shopping together somewhere she loves to stock up for the year ahead. She grows out of things so quickly that sometimes I find it’s good to do a big haul all in one go. One of her top picks is H&M, and I have to admit, I really like taking her there too.

The main reason is the range. You’ll find kid’s clothing options at H&M that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else, and also, they’re really reasonably priced. My daughter loves the whole experience, and making new discoveries with things like accessories and new trends and colours.

Here are six great back to school budget buys from H&M at the moment that I know will catch her attention.

1. A pink tulle skirt – the ultimate mix and match item.

My daughter is expert at mixing clothes with a bit of an edge with softer pieces like this cute tulle skirt for only $14.99. She would wear this with leggings, on its own, or paired with a denim or leather jacket in cooler weather. She loves mixing textures and fabrics and I know she would rock this!

This skirt is also a part of the current H&M Top and Bottom deal, where you can buy a top and a bottom for $14.99; bonus! Be sure to look for the corresponding hang tags in store to check that your items are a part of the limited time deal.


Part of the Top and Bottom deal. Image: supplied.

2. A long sleeved dress for in-between weather.

There’s nothing better than a dress that’s also really comfortable and casual. My daughter would absolutely love this dress for $14.99. (Bargain!) She loves anything with stripes, and having long sleeves means it’s great for the milder seasons, and can be layered up with tights, boots and a jacket for winter.

Comfy and casual. Image: supplied.

3. A cool bomber jacket.

My daughter has wanted a bomber jacket for the longest time. This bomber is only $34.99 and will make all her bomber jacket dreams come true. Again, it’s the soft-with-an-edge look that she seems to pull off so well.


A popular (and wise) choice. Image: supplied.

4. This season’s skinny jeans.

Jeans are a wardrobe staple, but it’s also good to have a few pairs to choose from. Skinny jeans are an instant outfit refresh and this skinny biker pair are a little bit cool, but also cute and young. And, they’ll go really well with her new bomber jacket!

The wardrobe staple. Image: supplied.

5. A cute long-sleeved tee.

You can never have enough tees and tops for the weekends, parties, play-dates and just mucking around at home. This fancy long-sleeve tee is the perfect mix of a classic colour – navy is the new black in my books – with a cute design that injects a little bit of fun and personality. This tee is also a part of the Top and Bottom deal, but can be purchased separately for $9.99.


For that extra dash of personality. Image: supplied.

6. Headphones with ears.

And finally, I know my daughter wouldn’t go past this accessory – headphones with ears! Adding a bit of a fun to something that is basically a necessity today for kids, I know she’d love the cheeky twist and the colour.

The great thing about H&M is it’s all there, and my daughter can make choices that I really like because the quality is good – and the price – and there’s so much choice she just loves to shop there. Win win!

Easy win. Image: supplied.

What are you loving this back-to-school season?

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