We wrote about this $20 hair treatment and now it's flying off shelves.

Gather, friends. Because last week we wrote an article about Aussie-American actress Tammin Sursok and her favourite affordable hair treatment. Did you read it? Of course you did. Everyone did! Because according to our nosy little statistics measurer (not the official name) (I'm a writer, not a numbers person) it seems y'all really wanted to give it a whirl for yourself because a whole heap of people bought it. 

Like, MANY people.

So many, in fact, that we're now using the term 'flying off shelves'.

This tells us a few things. 1) We all love Tammin, 2) Hair is having a serious moment right now, and 3) This particular hair treatment slaps.

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If you have no idea what we're talking about and desperately need more info (sorry), the hair treatment we're referring to is Salon Only SO Magic 28 in 1, $29.95 (it's currently on special for $19.95). 

In case you didn't catch the name of the product it's a TWENTY-EIGHT-IN-ONE styling treatment. Again, not great with numbers, but this seems like it offers approximately 27 more benefits than other styling products?

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Working as a lightweight styling treatment, it smooths, softens, reduces frizz and offers UV protection (plus a whole lot more), all in one clever little bottle.

With ingredients like Australian Caviar Lime, cocoa and mango butters as well as a blend of oils (including macadamia oil), it claims to seal the hair cuticle and protect hair from colour fading, pollution, and thermal styling. It also promises to reconstruct and strengthen the hair, preventing split ends and hair breakage. 

And yes, it also soothes dry scalps.


Image: Oz Hair & Beauty/Canva.


And recording to 4.8 stars on Oz Hair & Beauty, the people really rate it.

One of the reviews reads: "I had a sample of this and then ordered the full size! I use this on towel dried hair, and it smooths the hair when blow waving as well as protecting it. I'm now only using this instead of the multiple products I was using before. This does it all! Great product! Plus, it's vegan and cruelty free."

Another said: "I have fine curly hair that is prone to the "flyaways" and "frizz" especially in humid and windy weather. This product is very soft and light and does not weight down my hair or become sticky. Perfect for a light touch-up in the mornings to re-style bed hair or anytime during the day. It won't build up and keeps hair soft and natural but styled. It smells nice too."


We can almost hear our dry, damaged hair celebrating. 

As Sursok shared on the podcast, she's also a fan of the Salon Only Miraculous Leave-In Treatment, $29.95, together with Davines ESSENTIALS Love Smooth Conditioner, $47, IGK GOOD BEHAVIOUR Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray, $52 and Olaplex Bond Building Treatment, $54.

So, there you have it! 

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Have you tried this hair product before? Or anything else from the brand? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/Canva. 

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