CULT BUY: An affordable brand just released the best spring fashion collection we've seen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No, this is not sponsored. I (and many of the women in the Mamamia office) are just obsessed with this new collection and really needed to write about it because CLOTHES…

I was navigating the freshly-mopped floors of Melbourne Central Shopping Centre in the sunny hours of Saturday morning when, mid wobble, I glanced at the shop window on my right.

And there she was. Red. Three-quarter length sleeves. Tassels. Teeny tiny pom poms.

It was the friggin’ perfect dress. The dress dreams are made of. For, well, anything and everything. Spring races and rooftop bars. But also birthday drinks. And Sunday brunch. And work. And… sleep.

The shop window was belonging to French Connection and the doors were closed.

“DAMMIT,” I hissed to no-one in particular, except for maybe the dude mopping. “I NEED THAT DRESS ON ME RIGHT NOW.”

Then my eye wandered to the creations surrounding the dress.

“Holy sh*t.”

Animal prints. Sequins. Colour. Stripes. Polka dots. Floaty dresses. Flared sleeves.

It was like Gorman and Seed had a baby. A beautiful, fun, happy, beautiful baby.

But I had a problem: it was bloody 8:50am and I needed to be at my desk in T minus 10 minutes. There was no time to wait for the doors to open and shower myself in glorious paprika-coloured fabric. I needed to run.

Listen: Maggie Alderson speaks to Mia Freedman about the importance of fashion after 40. Post continues after audio.

I got into work and hurriedly told weekend news producer, Zara McDonald, about my find. She had seen the shop window, too. We both momentarily died of a joint conniption and then set about deciding what we were going to buy first.

My heart was with The Dress. Zara’s was with just about everything else.

Oh, I’d be back. (At Chadstone… on Monday… in the interests of specificity.)

You guys, I can say with absolute certainty that French Connection’s new spring/summer line is the best (affordable) collection to grace us with its presence in 2017.

The dress (official name Bell Sleeve Dobby Dress) cost me a cool $149.95 dubloons – more than I’d typically spend on an item of clothing – but absolutely worth it. The next item I have my eyes/wallet on is the $89.95 Dobby Lace Peasant Blouse. It will be mine. I don’t know how, or when, but it will be mine.

French Connection’s new line actually has something for every occasion – and every shape. Sure, it’s not the cheapest brand in the world, but I’d argue paying $50-$60 for a statement top is pretty damn affordable.


Their sizes go up to a 16 and are renowned for being very accommodating for all lumps and bumps. I want to pull my sisters, best friends, and mum into the store all at once and make them try stuff on.

Anyway, we’re all here for one reason, and that’s to look at cool clothes.

Click through the gallery below to see our favourite picks from French Connection’s new spring/summer range…


What item have you got your eyes on for this spring/summer? Let us know in the comments…