15 women on the cute things under $50 that transformed their bathrooms.

Anyone else stuck with a bathroom that has faucets from, like, 1926? Or tiles that are just super INTENSE? Trying to improve the look of your b'room might seem like a lost cause - especially if you're renting. But it's not! We promise.

There's actually a whole heap of easy and inexpensive ways to take the focus off those bright purple tiles, the shower-tub combo that approximately 700 people have bathed in before you, and the ho-hum floor.

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It's all about changing your 'I Have The Worst Bathroom' mindset, meeting a design challenge, and working with what you've got. 

Here's a bunch of smart women who've made their formerly blah bathroom into a cute sanctuary, simply by adding a few affordable items.

Inspo, this way!

Morgan & Finch Mali Bath Mat, $29.95.

Morgan & Finch Mali Bath Mat, $29.95. 


"I bought this really cute bath runner for my bathroom - it adds a little colour to the room!" - Leah.

Born Hand Maniken, $15.47 and MONA Vagina Soap, $40.

Image: Supplied "The vagina soap is for display only! It was actually a gift from MONA in Tassie." - Talia.

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Kmart Bathroom Terrazzo Tray, $7, Soap Dispenser, $5 and Tumbler, $6.

Image: Supplied 

"In an otherwise bland, dated bathroom this terrazzo dish and matching dispenser make me less inclined to rip up the tiles myself." - Tamara.


"This set is fancy AF and so cheap!" - Jessie.

"I have all my fancy skincare sitting on this terrazzo tray." - Kerryn.

Bunnings Assorted Succulents, $7.85 and Kmart Etched Pot, $12.

Image: Supplied 

"My succulent brings me daily joy." - Gemma.

Kmart Wood Look Aroma Diffuser, $39.

Image: Kmart Wood Look Aroma Diffuser, $39

"I have this diffuser in my bathroom. I normally put eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil in it, so my bathroom smells super fresh." - Keiran.


Missoni Hand Towel, $45.

"I’ve had this Missoni hand towel for approximately 100 years and it’s still my favourite bathroom buy. Yes, it cost $45, but it’s money we’ll spent IMO - you don’t need a whole towel set to add a splash of colour." - Tamara.

Image: Supplied 

Aesop Post-Poo Poo Drops, $30.

Image: Supplied  

"Instead of the standard Aesop hand wash and lotion combo, I like to pretend my bright purple bathroom is boujee AF with these chic Post-Poo Drops. All about it." - Erin.


Sunday Society Habiba Mat Pink, $49.95

Image: Habiba Mat Pink, $49.95 

"This bathmat adds that extra touch of colour to my bathroom. Love it." - Kate.

Howards Storage World Marble Look Bathroom Toothbrush Holder, $19.95.

Image: Supplied 

"Love this so much. I looked for ages to find something like this. It's perfect against the bathroom white of our vanity." - Kee.

Kmart Bamboo Towel Ladder, $25.

Image: Kmart Bamboo Towel Ladder, $25 


"This Kmart Bamboo Towel Ladder makes hanging towels look sexy." - Jacqui.

Kmart Pot with Acacia Stand, $15.

Image: Supplied 

"I'm very 50 shades of grey in my bathroom (interior decorating-wise, not the other kind), but putting plants in there made me very, very happy with that little pop of green. Pot was from Kmart and the plant was rescued from a mate's front yard!" - Claire.

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How do you make your bathroom look cute on a budget? Share with us in the comment section below.

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