6 very adult jokes in your favourite kids' movies.

Wait, what did he just say?

No, your ears and eyes have not deceived you.

If you’ve been forced to sit through a cartoon lately, or if you’ve found yourself overcome by nostalgia and a desire to watch your favourite Disney films of the past, you may have noticed something…

It’s probably not something you noticed as a kid, and that’s probably not a bad thing. Kids movies are full of adult jokes. Smutty, dark and everything in between. Perhaps the creators are trying their best to get you through the 467th film about cartoon aliens and their human friends you’ve seen this year.

The NSFK (not safe for kids) gags are in almost every kids flick, but these are a few of the best.

1. Shrek.

Penis jokes.

When Shrek and Donkey first arrive at Lord Farquad’s castle, they stand at the foot of the castle walls.

It’s an impressive structure. “Do you think maybe he’s compensating for something?” quips everyone’s favourite ogre.

Donkey doesn’t get it. Thankfully your kids probably didn’t either.

2. 101 Dalmations.

‘Cause jokes about bestiality are always funny, right?

When Cruella de Ville visits Roger an Anita, they share the news they’re expecting a baby. De Vill is, as expected, apathetic. But when the couple announce they’re also expecting puppies things get dark pretty fast.

3. Madagascar

The true depth of a parent’s creativity is on display when they stub their toe in front of their child. What word or noise can you come up with that adequately expresses your anguish without prompting a ‘Mum, you said a naughty word!’

We’ve got a new option for you…

Video via DreamWorks


4. Hocus Pocus

Fertility gags.

The witches desire children (for devious witching purposes, obviously). And the charming bus driver is more than happy to oblige.

5. The Rugrats Movies.

Deep, dark fan-theories about Angelica’s mental health and Tommy’s dad’s alcoholism aside…

The gang find themselves lost in the maternity ward of the hospital, and all the tiny babies sing a song about the brave new world they are facing. One baby laments the loss of her umbilical cord. Then another looks into his nappy before exclaiming, “consider yourself lucky”.

We’re pretty sure babies don’t remember circumcision…

6. Toy story.

When Buzz sees Jessie for the first time…

Video via Pixar

There are tonnes of others out there. What are some of your favourite adult moments in not-so-adult films?