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50 Shades of...Pink?: The adult colouring books that are definitely NSFW.

Instead of colouring in that flower or boring mandala pattern, you can now colour in sex-related things!

Etsy has jumped on this new trend and is selling a Sex Position Coloring Book that really delivers on everything it promises to.

Adult colouring book, etsy
Sex position coloring book. Source: Etsy

Each position in the book is labelled with a creative name, such as this clever play on words (because David Hasselhoff was in hit show Baywatch that was set on the beach.. geddit?!)

Adult colouring book, etsy 2
Sex Position Coloring Book. Source: Etsy
Pork and Beans Adult Colouring Image via Nerve
Apparently this one is called “Pork and Beans”. (Image: Nerve/Amazon)
Adult Colouring via Nerve
So that’s what they mean by ‘Fireworks’ (Image: Nerve/Amazon).

If you’re not quite sure you’re ready to commit to a whole book of bumping-uglies, you can purchase individual, bespoke images.


You might be into images like these, from artists such as Instant Arteest on Etsy.

KArmaSutra Adult colouringbook via ETSY
Image via Etsy/ Instant Arteest.
Adult colouring book mature etsy instant arteest
Image via Etsy/ Instant Arteest.

And if sex positions aren’t your thing though, there are of course other options.

Like colouring in someone’s boobs!

Adult colouring book, angus and robertson
Color My Boobs: A Titillating Coloring Book for Adults by B.B. Stacks, Billy Armstrong and Chad Powers. Source: Angus & Robertson

Or what about just sex fetishes in general?

Adult colouring book, booktopia
The Fetish Colouring Book by Magnus Frederiksen. Source: Booktopia

Colouring in has never been so fun.

h/t Elite Daily