"I'm a new mum, and my partner wants me to breastfeed him."

Brad likes to suckle on breasts.

He’s not a baby, he’s a 36 year old man. And he loved it so much, his partner Jennifer quit her day job so she could breastfeed him all day.

It was a story that radiated shock and awe throughout the tabloid and social media, but turns out, adult breastfeeding is much more common than you’d think.

We had a very similar scenario play out on The Prude and The Pornstar podcast this week, where a listener, who has two young babies, found her husband turned on by the sight of her breastfeeding their child.

And so he asked; may he too, have a tipple of her nipple?

And she, who is not feeling overly sexual about a pair of saggy milk vessels, wondered: should I do it?

Here’s what Madison Missina and Carla GS, our hosts of the show had to say. (Post continues after audio.)

Breastfeeding is a fetish. Also known as erotic lactation, lactophilia, milk fetishism, it’s sexual arousal by breastfeeding on a woman’s breast.

A bonafide desire and one we shouldn’t be so quick to scoff at. Because Madison Missina, a sex therapist and the pornstar half of the podcast, explains it as both an instinctive desire, and an arousal around seeing your partner doing something very beautiful.

“Breastfeeding can be a very maternal, nurturing, beautiful thing to do. That could be what is kicking off this arousal. Wouldn’t that be amazing if your husband is like, ‘I just love you so much in that moment, that I really want to have sex with you…I really want to make love to you.’ I think that’s really romantic.” Madison says.

However there could be another explanation;

An adult baby fetish.


Image via Broad City/Comedy Central

As Madison explains, some people do get off from role-playing a baby.

"Everything is on a spectrum," she explains.

So you can be everything from 'I just like to pretend to be a little girl sometimes, to get my way', to 'I actually want to wear diapers, and I want to be cared for, and I want my partner to bathe me, and dry me and dress me, and to me, that's my sexuality'. Everything's okay on the spectrum. I think it's actually quite fun."

So where does this all leave our listener? The tired mother with two small children and now a husband to feed?

She needs to ask her partner what it is about the breastfeeding that is turning him on, and go in there with an open mind. No judgement. Communication is key.

"With breastfeeding, sometimes it's a situation where it's painful for you, or something like that's going on, so if she is definitely not comfortable or it's painful, then she absolutely has a right to say no," says Madison.

"But I think if she doesn't have any other circumstances, why not give it a go?"

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What do you think our listener should do?