Silvina had no idea she was adopted until she stumbled upon a vital clue on Facebook.

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Silvina Martinez Pintos had no idea she was adopted until the moment she was browsing old family photos on Facebook.

She stumbled upon a suspicious picture of her mother, taken just before Silvina was born.

There was one huge clue Silvina simply could not ignore: her mum was clearly not pregnant.

The 31-year-old woman, who lives in Mar Del Plata in Buenos Aires, was shocked at the discovery. And after what was certain to have been an emotional discussion, she launched an online search for her birth mother, MailOnline reports.

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She wrote:


Hello.. I'm going back to upload my posting... adding pictures of me as many I suggest if there is a resemblance to my biological mom... the man which is in one of more pictures is my foster daddy..

Hello... I was born in trelew on 27 March 1985 and I found out recently that I was adopted.. within a few days of birth foster my parents took me to live to the silver (where Vivian) where I lived For 11 years until I moved to Mar Del Plata (place where hopefully currently)..

I'd love to hear from that girl had me and gave birth to me..

Just know that I was born in the clinic at 11.30 model In the morning.. and that my biological mom was 16 years old at the time of delivery and the director and who attended birth was Dr. Ricardo Carminatti.. I'd be interested in finding her.. not to judge you or much less.. Just want to know who I look like, if i have brothers.. and just listen... it was very hard to hear the truth, as I always suspected as much, and I confirmed it without telling me more qe this that is my adoptive mom... You don't know more (or doesn't want me to say more) my foster daddy died and I sincerely want to know what happened, if i left, if they sold me...

I need to know in order to be able to continue with my life and close this story that has to do With my identity..

Thanks to everyone who was sharing my story and those who have offered me their help!!...

The married mother of two admitted that 'it was very hard to find out the truth' particularly now that she is grown with a family of her own.

I have two children. One is very similar to my husband, the youngest looks like me, but what intrigues me is whom I resemble. It's a sentimental thing.

I want to know what happened: if they told my mother I was dead, or that I was not dead... it is a possibility.

I want that closure, not to reproach anyone.

The social media community has embraced Silvina's search and is doing all they can to help. She has posted several photos online to help anyone who may recognise her and know of someone who could be her birth mother.

We wish Silvina all the best in her search.

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