Adele released her first song in four years. And the whole world is in tears.

Get the tissues out, it’s time to cry again. 

After a four year hiatus, Adele is finally back. The British songstress has a new album and the first song, Hello, has just been released.

If you’re currently going through a sad break up (or had one in the past or even thought about having one at some stage), you may not feel like the luckiest person in the world. But you are. Because Adele’s new album it is about to become the soundtrack to your life.

As anyone that experienced a break up following the release of 21 in 2011 will attest, this is a blessing in disguise. And you have our permission to ugly snot cry your way through this whole album.

Katy Perry heard it, just one time:

  People are feeling it very, very hard:

Our friends at Buzzfeed tried to warn everyone, but they were too late.


See Buzzfeed’s hilarious clip here:

Video via BuzzFeed

The world, it seems, is feeling the Adele feels all over again.

Check out some more amazing internet reactions to ‘Hello’ here.

If you’ve prepared yourself emotionally, you can watch the clip for ‘Hello’ here:

Video via Universal

It’s ok, Australia. You are better off without him/her/them.

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