Adele has responded to criticism of her Grammys performance like only Adele can.

In case you missed it, multiple award winning musician, Spice Girls fan and burger lover, Adele, performed at the Grammys yesterday.

Here she is looking fab on the red carpet early in the night:

Apparently, she did a terrible job.

So says the expert voices of social media, according to whom the 25 singer was ‘flat’,’missing notes’, ‘overrated’.

Look, it wasn’t Adele at her typical flawless best, but it wasn’t all that terrible.

There was a bit of a clanking sound in the background as she sang ‘All I Ask’, she wasn’t packing her usual vocal punch, she looked a little peeved.

Anyway, as it turned out a piano mic fell on the piano strings, which explains all of that.

Adele let her concerned ‘fans’ know on Twitter.

“Shit happens”, she said.

She also added she was going to treat herself to In-N-Out burger (that’s some sort of international fast food thing Australians wouldn’t understand, sorry) to cheer herself up.

Shit happens, indeed.

Love you forever Adele.

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