The 'mum moment' that made Adele cancel her concert's fireworks display.

British superstar Adele has only been in Australia for a few days, and she’s already proven that fame, talent and the best English accent we’ve ever heard aside, she’s just like us.

She’s a mother first, and Grammy-winning, world-dominating singer songwriter second.

After rehearsals for her highly anticipated national sold-out tour, Adele has made the decision to cut the pyrotechnics display from her upcoming shows.

The reason is refreshingly normal and relatable: her family.

Keeping it real with her crowd of 65,000 concert goers at Perth’s Domain Stadium earlier this week, the 28-year-old singer spoke of how during rehearsals, her son was hit in the eye by a piece of fireworks debris.

adele australian tour
The 65,000 strong crowd was the largest Perth has ever seen.

"We've been rehearsing here and up until last night we had fireworks for you, " she explained.


"And obviously everyone likes a fireworks display. However, my son was watching in the crowd... And a bit of debris - it wasn't big - but a bit of s**t went in his and he was very upset."

And just like that, the fireworks were gone.

But hey, when you've got Adele in the flesh belting out hits and quality banter for two hours, I think you'll survive.

And as a bonus, fans have so far been treated to T-shirts pinned with $20 notes fired into the audience, and confetti personalised by the woman herself.

adele cancels fireworks
The confetti was personalised with Adele's handwriting.

Touring Australia and New Zealand until the end of March, Adele is travelling with husband, Simon Konecki and their four-year-old son, Angelo.