Adele's face at the gym perfectly sums up going to the gym.

If you’ve ever fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole watching hours of footage of Adele just being Adele all over the shop, you can probably appreciate her penchant for telling it like it is.

The Grammy winner had a huge year in 2015, what with releasing a record-breakingly popular album and pulling one of best celebrity pranks of all-time.

But it seems there is no rest for immensely personable and talented it, as the 27-year-old prepares for her upcoming 10-month tour of Europe and the US.

Here she is “getting ready” at the gym:

getting ready…

A photo posted by @adele on

Forget #fitspo. Move over, Gwyneth Paltrow. Just have a bloody bowl of pasta, Gisele Bündchen.

With one photograph and two words Adele has summed up everything we feel about working out.

It’s nice to see a celebrity finally admitting what we all know: Going to the gym sucks.

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