Inside the bizarre conspiracy theory that Adele and Sam Smith are actually the same person.

The candidly British humour, the velvety vocals, the extremely likeable personality – Sam Smith and Adele share a lot in common. A LOT. But almost… too much.

The uncanny similarity between the two previously had fans speculating they would make the best of friends, OR that they had been separated at birth. But now, one particularly dedicated fan has shared important evidence that would suggest, in fact, the two are the same person.

This newest (and definitely most likely) theory has blown minds all across the globe.

Behold: I present to you the evidence that will change the way you view the two singers, and also the universe as a whole.


On Monday, CIA member Jesse Valona posted audio of “Hello” by Adele to Twitter, slowing down her vocals and showing that they SOUND EXACTLY LIKE SAM SMITH’S.

Let me reiterate for those of you who are still shaken to the core by this life changing news: Jesse just solved a mystery we didn’t know needed solving. The official mystery of the century, if you ask me.

The eerie music in the background not only adds drama but also soundness to the theory, and was unquestionably necessary to sell the story. A good creative decision, Jesse. We back you 100%.

And the plot thickens, my friends.

Have you ever seen Adele and Sam Smith in the same room? This guy hasn’t.


To test the theory, another Twitter user decided to speed up Sam Smith’s vocals in attempt to uncover Adele’s.

The results were not as convincing but WHY AM I STILL CONVINCED?