Adele and James Corden FINALLY duet together in a carpool karaoke.

Well thank the heavens and be still my beating heart.

There’s truly nothing more that stirs my soul than the sound of Adele’s voice. No, truly.

So, it is with great pleasure I share that the “biggest superstar in the world” has finally made her debut on The Late Late Show debut, by joining James Corden in a classic Carpool Karaoke.

I know. It’s terribly exciting.

It all begins with some drama. Some dark scenes and suspenseful music.

Scenes like this:


Then, it comes. The first Adele pun. Then the second. And, by the third, it’s confirmed that the Queen of Making People Feel a Million Emotions is well and truly the next person to join James as his passenger.

With Adele as lead, and James absolutely nailing the back-up, the pair recreate some of Adele’s biggest hits while cruising the streets of London.

I would try and tell you how incredible Adele sounds, even without her perfect-CD-voice, but one cannot just put her into words.

You really, really should watch the video here: 

Video via CBS

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