Adelaide children responsible for sickening rampage at child care centre.

It’s the age of the alleged offenders that shocks first. Five children all aged under 10. Then what they did leaves you sickened.

The alleged mutilation of pet goldfish – cut up and killed with scissors, walls and floors defecated on and property smashed, broken and destroyed. Thousands and thousands of dollar’s worth of damage.

The centre cleans up after the rampage. Via 7 News.

It’s a crime making many shake their heads and wonder who are these children and more importantly, where are their parents?

The five children are alleged to have broken into a child care centre in Adelaide’s northern suburbs on Sunday and in a sickening attack, destroyed thousands of dollar’s worth of property and mutilated pets.

Seven News reports that the children broke into the Good Start Centre in Paralowie and vandalised walls, destroyed the centre’s computers, broke toys and books used by the children and covered the walls in paint and feces.

The centre in Paralowie in Adelaide. Via Google Maps.

In a callous act it is alleged that they then killed their pet goldfish fed and cared for by the small children who attend the centre, cutting the pets up with scissors and leaving their remains strewn around. The centre’s pet bird, a Budgie, also had its cage destroyed and the bird escaped.

The home corner with a tiny kitchen and dolls house was smashed, broken beyond repair. Craft supplied were ruined and furniture destroyed.

The children defecated on the floor. Via 7 News.

Seven News reports that floors were urinated and defecated on during the break-in at 6.30 on Sunday night.

One horrified parent told Seven News that the age of the alleged offenders was a shock.

“I can’t imagine anyone doing that, but to be so young, that's even worse."

Trinity Scannell, whose child attends the centre, said she was “disgusted” and wanted to see the children and their parents face justice.

“The parents are definitely accountable for it and they should pay for the damages too,” she said. “The children should come back for punishment and do some cleaning.”

Other parents were seen weeping when they learnt of the vandals.

The child care centre is now dealing with the fallout. Via 7 News.

Police have said that a boy and girl, both aged 10, have been reported for aggravated serious criminal trespass, property damage and theft, and will appear in the Elizabeth Youth Court at a later date.

While three other children, all under the age of 10, have been interviewed “but will not be dealt with through the legal system.”

Instead police and welfare agencies will “working with” the families with the children involved.

The Paralowie area has been previously called “one of Australia’s most dangerous suburbs” with crime statistics showing the Elizabeth area was the fourth most violent location in Australia.

But the local community are determined to fight back and have taken it upon themselves to help the child care centre back in its feet, donating books, toys and furniture to replace those destroyed in Sunday’s sickening vandalisation.

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